Brilliant role models in society, Inaam Hamad Al-Nil Al-Qarai, The Iron Woman 0000 Social scandals – ✍️ Abdel Salam Al-Qarai

I have mentioned in previous articles the invaluable contributions of Sudanese Eve in leading the work. Sudanese women held the highest positions in the Sudanese state and, truth be told, its influence was evident in the areas of public work.

Specialists in quality standards in public performances have done justice to Sudanese women, believing that they carry out their work with perfection and speed.

When it comes to creating generations, Sudanese women have been the best virtuous wives and educators, and the proof of this is the emergence of generations filled with science and knowledge and who have kept pace with development and modernity in various vital areas. took up the banner, and if given the full opportunity, we would have witnessed a different Sudan in most areas, with renaissance, urbanization and progress, and Sudan would have become within the system developed countries, particularly in the areas of globalization and governance

Today we try to go through the social pages to talk about one of the striking examples of Sudanese eve.

The heroine of this shining example is the virtuous sister, Inaam Hamad Al-Nil Al-Qarai, who became a widow very early, but with her perseverance and determination, she forgot her wounds and pain, as she began her journey of struggle and struggle, dedicating herself to raising her children who did not let her down. Today, God willing, God bless them, they have become a support and support for her in her life. She is filled with gratitude and praise to God. , considering that she fulfilled her role as mother and wife with all sincerity and dedication to reap the fruits of her struggle, patience and perseverance, despite the trials and tribulations to which she was exposed, but it remained unshakable like mountains.

Because she devoted herself to raising her children, she rejected every “groom” who proposed to her. She refused although she was proud of herself and preserved the beauty of her husband, who took pity, is considered one of the knights for her. his life. There is no possibility of replacing her husband (her horse) with another. It is in no way possible for another man to replace her husband (the purebred mare), father of her children. those who live with her

These children are of the scent of her late husband, her life partner

For 27 years she was a widow who never tired or tired, she locked away all her emotions and feelings for the sake of her husband, for whom she had all the love and respect in order to raise her children.

Anam, the iron woman who trampled on her feelings, even though she lived in a state of deprivation, but what eased her pain and suffering was that she saw before her eyes her children, those with their liver, new knights in it. life to compensate her for the absence of her husband, her purebred horse, who has mercy, forgiveness and freedom from hell.

Gentlemen, he is a living and unique example of a Sudanese woman who normally lives out of loyalty and gratitude to her life partner. Her beautiful memory, as she says, is her comfort in her solitude.

This memory was also a source of strength for her to overcome all the difficulties she faced.

Truth be told, Mrs. Inaam Hamad Al-Nil Al-Qarai deserves the title of ideal mother

May God protect her and grant her good health.

We can only tip our hats to her and salute her for her courage in agreeing to publish her social experience to the recipients.

The Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, spoke the truth when he said: “Treat women well.”

May you stay safe and healthy

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