Chairman of the Sovereign Council orders the completion of the Dinder Abu Rakhm road, with a length of (110) kilometers

Tawfiq Muhammad Ali, Governor of Sennar State, met with Lieutenant General Bahri Ibrahim in Port Sudan, in the presence of Mahjoub Muhammad Ali, Acting Minister of Finance and Economic Resources, and Hafez Ballah, Acting Minister of Infrastructure.

The meeting discussed the ongoing arrangements to complete the proposed Dandir-Gadarif-Abu Kham road. Lieutenant General Bahr conveyed the directives of the Chairman of the Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant General Al-Burhan, to complete the Dandir road. de Sinnar revealed in his statement to Sultanate Pulse that thirteen companies were contracted to implement it within a month, over a length of (110) kilometers.

Tawfiq gave good news to the citizens of Sennar State, White Nile States and West Sudan, saying the road is a real addition that will contribute to the flow of trade and connect Sennar State to other states, in especially in the fall. Governor Sennar said the companies would take over the road implementation works next Saturday, God willing.

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