Checkpoints from Al-Qarir to Al-Daba. The country is in good hands

The journey from the town of Meroe to the town of Al-Dabbah in the northern state makes you feel safe with numerous checkpoints along the route.

During my trip from Marawi to Al-Dabbah, we were in a horse-drawn carriage to visit one of our relatives. We passed through a large number of checkpoints, all of which were carefully inspected. Passengers and furniture were unloaded. the transport has been carefully examined and inspected.

It is noteworthy that the security procedures at the checkpoints lasted one hour out of the total duration of the trip and, despite the considerable time spent on inspection, the suffering of citizens and the delay, the efforts made by the competent authorities were satisfied and accepted. by a large percentage of travelers.

The checkpoints along the route were, and still are, excellent for securing the area, transmitting messages to the rebels and confirming the readiness and vigilance of the regular forces. Checkpoints along the route made us feel like we were in for long hours at work, and the regular forces treated the passengers with kindness, apologies and appeals for safety, as well as appreciation and respect for the passengers. travelers. The checkpoints were notable for the harmony and coordination between security services, police and military personnel, and the presence of a special female element to search women.

The bright picture of checkpoints does not contain negative phenomena from the regular forces. When they get on the bus, we see them treating the passengers with respect and appreciation, and there is none.

The behavior of one of the authorities' officials aroused the ire of the people targeted.

Honesty and integrity are inherent characteristics of the regular forces in terms of inspection

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