Child raped in white calls for help from human rights organizations

The Child (T/A/S) made an urgent appeal for help to all human rights activists and human rights organizations at the local, regional and international levels to support her in his humanitarian case linked to the violation of his rights by Rapid Support. Militia forces, after being kidnapped in the neighborhood (13) in which she lives with her family, west of the town of El Obeid, locality of Shikan, North Kordofan State, she was raped strength.

The child (T) revealed in limited press releases that she was alternately kidnapped and gang raped by the Rapid Support Forces militia in Al-Obeid after being kidnapped by two people on board the engine (Abolstikin) in district (13) west of Al-Obeid town when she was going to the local bakery to bring bread to her family with her younger brother, and the kidnappers blindfolded her.

She added that a report was opened at the Family and Children's Prosecutor's Office in Al-Obeid under registration number (260) under Article (45/B) dated ( April 23, 2024) against the leaders of the Rapid Support Militia.

The child (T.) said: We expect human rights activists and defenders, women's and children's rights defenders across Sudan, to intervene immediately, as well as all defenders of human rights around the world, to intervene and follow up on her reporting procedures, due to the need to obtain justice for her, as she was the victim of horrific acts of brutality which affected her psychological situation, his future, his social destiny and that of his family.

For her part, the mother of the child (T) said that she calls on all civil society and Sudanese, regional and international human rights organizations to eliminate the harm caused to them as family, because they were exposed to the worst types of verbal and psychological violence. and physical violence, that is to say the rape of her child after her kidnapping.

She said: Her 13-year-old daughter was brutally raped by Rapid Support militia after being kidnapped from the residential area. She revealed that she is now seven months pregnant and will soon become a mother of one.

She added that the treatment meted out by the militia was very brutal towards all residents, especially girls in the neighborhood.

In another development, activists in Umm Rawaba town revealed that three girls were raped at the same time in Rapid Support Militia Block 5 on April 22.

They added that the case of the child (T) and all the cases of rape, whether in Al-Abyad or Al-Rahad, in Abu Dakna or in the town of Umm Rawaba, and all the violations that occurred in North Kordofan State by the Rapid Support Militia must immediately refer the case to the International Court of Justice as it describes the massacres and human rights violations against defenseless citizens, and they stressed that it is It is important that international human rights organizations issue a clear condemnation in order to provide justice to the victims and prevent the repetition of such atrocities.

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