Choosing Sultan Ahmed Dinar as the best businessman in the Middle East


Under the sponsorship and presence of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Turkish Ministry of Tourism, the Turkish city of Istanbul hosted, for the second consecutive year, the Golden Award Ceremony for Entrepreneurs from various fields.

With a large participation from Arab, African and Asian countries, where the company “Golden International” organized the festival in cooperation with the company “Diamond First Line”, with a large presence of participants from countries and economic institutions.

During the celebration, Sultan Ahmed Dinar, Sultan of Darfur, was chosen as the best businessman in the Middle East and Africa. The Sultan delivered an expressive speech in which he presented this honor to his Sudanese people in general and to the people of Darfur. in particular, and wished peace to Sudan and all Arab countries.

During the festival, Sultan Ahmed Dinar was chosen by the event organizers as an ambassador for Internationac's international humanitarian relations.

In turn, Arab Media Ambassador Zakaria Faham, owner of Golden International, the company responsible for this honor, gave a speech at the beginning of which he asked the audience to stand for a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs of Gaza and the Arab countries.

Faham indicated in his speech that this ceremony will be held every year in the city of beauty, Istanbul, which embraces all Arabs. He stressed that this honor is a sign of thanks and appreciation for those who deserve it, especially since the selection of the winners. are not the result of frivolity, but rather of determination, success and the pursuit of their great achievements.

In addition to honoring Sultan Ahmed Ali Dinar as the best businessman in the Middle East and Africa, Dr. Hani Asfar, owner of the GCB project, was also honored as the best businessman and financial investor , and Dinar Holding Group was also honored as the best businessman and financial investor. best real estate investment company.

During the ceremony, a documentary film about Sultan Ahmed Dinar and Dinar Real Estate Company was shown, and a video report about the company and its achievements was presented along with the Best Real Estate Company in Istanbul award. was received by the company's CEO, Al-Muhab Zein Al-Din. He gave a speech in which he thanked those responsible for the event and emphasized that the company will move forward to offer the best.

The Golden Awards Festival for Entrepreneurs is considered one of the most prestigious international festivals, and an elite group of businessmen and entrepreneurs as well as a number of international officials, global companies and economic entities participate.

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