Closing of the visit of the Health and Housing Administration to the centers of the Kabushieh unit

The Shendi Locality Department of Health and Housing has completed its field visits to the centers of the Kabushieh administrative unit. The visit included the centers of Jebel Umm Ali, Al-Shabiliyah, Qaddo, Al-Bajrawiyah and Al-Mashayikh.

Ms. Samia Othman Ahmed, Director of the Department of Health, said that the working staff, equipment, devices, laboratory services, pharmacies, maternal and child health services, nutrition and immunization, health reproductive health, health promotion and expatriate accommodation centers were examined.

The visit resulted in recommendations to improve health work in these centers, and a number of centers were chosen to hold treatment days based on the density of expatriates in the area.

Ms. Samia underlined the assurance of a calm health situation and the absence of any epidemic disease.

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