Commander of the 76th Halfa Brigade, Brigadier General Al-Taher Abdel Fattah Amin Fadl: We have succeeded in controlling the borders and reducing cross-crimes.

Commander of the 76th Halfa Brigade, Brigadier General Al-Taher Abdel Fattah Amin Fadl: We have succeeded in controlling the borders and reducing cross-crimes.

The popular resistance is a force to be reckoned with and operates under the command of the army.

The commander of the 76th Brigade, Brigadier General Al-Tahir Abdel-Fattah Amin Fadl, affirmed the stability of the situation in the locality of Halfa and indicated in an exclusive interview that victory is approaching in the battle of Karama, that the armed forces are fighting against the rebel militias, and he put points on the letters of the issues that concern citizens regarding the Halfa border area in the following dialogue:

The interview was conducted in Wadi Halfa by: Nidal Othman

Let's make the situation on the borders with the Egyptian and Libyan countries an entry point for the conversation?

The western border is large and not our responsibility. The limits of our responsibility require us to comb the area with joint forces for any problems on the west side. The area is large and there are not enough points, but there is an intervention and we are taking care of it. In the event of a problem, I reassure everyone that the security situation is progressing well. There are a lot of rumors and signals, and I confirm within the limits of responsibility that it is only simple and the whole system works. fully its role and the situation is stable.

Your speech leads us to question the efforts you are making to combat border crime. What is your situation ?

There are organized crimes, including smuggling, infiltration and drugs, and we work to combat them by all means to reduce strange phenomena. A number of seizures were handled in coordination with the relevant authorities.

The borders are wide and there are two crossings with the Republic of Egypt and Libya. The authorities are making great efforts to limit illegal immigration and infiltrators, and as the borders are large, there are some gaps, but all authorities seek to do so. fill the void and we are making great efforts to do so.

Did the war affect the region?

The war began to have a media impact on the region, to the tune of 60%, but the State, with all its official and popular components, prepared and mobilized for the battle for the second time. I say he fights his battle. in the media, and the media has become the tool to win battles. I reassure people that everyone is doing their job in an excellent manner and is aware of their response, the State has found great cooperation from citizens in all its actions. localities, there is strong participation, with a good and honorable patriotic spirit, and there is sincere cooperation and cooperation.

Where is the popular resistance in Wadi Halfa?

There is complete coordination between us and the resistance at the highest level, and there is complete harmony, and we have not found any violations on their part. This indicates coordination between the armed forces and the resistance with clear effort and high order. the contribution of the resistance is excellent and clear, it has filled many gaps and covered areas in the region and become a deterrent force alongside the military system. She fulfills her duty with dedication and sincerity.

What is the reality of the situation in the mining areas of Halfa?

All mines and markets are under constant surveillance by intelligence services, and we are advised by the rest of the states and, in case of doubt, we subject the matter to surveillance and inspection. The battle is above all a known battle. and we anticipate information to limit any negative phenomenon.

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Thanks and appreciation to journalist Nidal for going through the hardships to visit him, and the good news of an imminent victory reaches the media and its loyal national cadres.

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