Conference of Sudanese political and civil forces in Egypt ✍️ Absher Shajarabi

The strength of Egyptian-Sudanese relations is considered an important element of the cohesion of unity and solidarity between the two countries, which was reflected in the Egyptian positions of support for Sudan, which have clearly emerged in the current crisis that Sudan is going through. From the beginning of the crisis in Sudan, the Egyptian position was clear and decisive regarding the need for its unity and state institutions, as well as its protection. The Sudanese people are freed from the scourge of war and reject any manifestation of external interference in resolving the Sudanese crisis.

Cairo hosted a summit of Sudan's neighboring countries to discuss ways to end the war and its negative repercussions on neighboring countries and to take steps to end the bloodshed of the Sudanese people and preserve the unity and capabilities of the state.

Egypt is striving to reach a political and peaceful settlement to resolve the crisis in Sudan, as the security and safety of the Sudanese people is a priority for Egypt, according to statements by senior Egyptian leaders.

From this point of view, Egypt opened its land, air and sea doors to welcome the Sudanese on its lands, and Egypt sent hundreds of tons of humanitarian and food aid.

On Saturday (6/6/2024), Egypt hosted the conference of political and civil forces in Sudan

It took place under the slogan (*Together to stop the war*) and took place in the administrative capital.

From my monitoring of the conference, the invitation was limited and did not include all Sudanese politicians.

Even the choice of seats was made individually by each group.

The conference's outcome was poor, with participants stressing the need to adhere to the Jeddah agenda… but will the rebel leaders adhere to its recommendations?

The conference condemned all the violations that took place in this war… but the conference did not name who violated it!!!

The findings highlighted the need and importance of providing humanitarian assistance and protecting humanitarian workers from exposure to danger and persecution by parties to the conflict!!!

The political component: The participants agreed to preserve Sudan as a unified homeland on the basis of citizenship, equal rights and a civil and democratic federal state.

Establish a first step by forming a consultation committee.

When reciting the names of the participants, most of the names belonged to a crude or less advanced group, and they did not represent the Sudanese people, as well as some personalities.

The strange thing is that the platform was presented by Dr. Al-Shafi' Khidr, and he spoke on behalf of the participating conferences, and everyone knows who Al-Shafi' Khidr is!!!

The recommendations were also read by Dr. Abdel Mahmoud Abu!!!

Glory be to God, the United Arab Emirates was present and participating in the conference.

(*He kills the dead man and attends his funeral)*

In general, I thank the Egyptian government and people, and I am not pessimistic, but these recommendations or results will not yield any success, and the reasons are known, because none of the speakers mentioned or called the rapid support as a rebellion or terrorism, but rather all the expressions mentioned (*both sides of the conflict or conflict*) and this means that both conferences still believe that the war is between two generals, and in my opinion, this is one of the reasons for the failure of this conference.

Furthermore, a number of leaders of the movement did not sign the final declaration.

We will come back.



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