Could you remove the dialysis solution from the ship or not, Minister of Health?! #The_Autre_Dimension ✍️ Musaab Brier

I saw a published memorandum attributed to the administrative director of the Port Sudan dialysis center, Abu Fatima al-Diplomatic, in which he justified the reasons why the center stopped providing its services. This is not a shortage of dialysis aids, but rather a shortage of dialysis aids. the solution was not available in domestic supply. We informed them last week and they informed us that a ship was arriving with the solution and until last night they informed us that the ship was detained, but customs clearance procedures prevented this. solution upon landing..

– Until today, we are in contact with all parties concerned to resolve this dilemma, and we were also in contact with Mr. Governor, until we asked if there was a special place available to buy the solution from the market to buy it. us, but we found that this solution is only available through domestic procurement, and efforts are underway to provide it through procurement and facilitate the process of procedures.

– For information, 3 days ago the solution was completed, but we tried to borrow 6 jerrycans from the Sinkat Center and 2 jerrycans from the containers, and we worked hard to close the week yesterday, and we even reduced the number of sitting hours for patients from 4 a.m. to 3:30 a.m., hoping to speed up the intervention of the Supreme Council authorities to save the situation on Friday, but the national supply manager informed us today that the evacuation will take place on Sunday, we had to inform the patients to postpone the sessions for tomorrow, Saturday, until the solution is available in store, and to shift the programming to the other days of the week .

– We as an administration are in continuous follow-up with National Procurement and State Government till this time to develop a solution to this dilemma (procedures) to distribute the solution. So these are not laundry aids, but only (solution), and the rest of the other aids are provided at the center.

There are centers outside the state that stopped early and became out of service due to lack of solution, but we thank God that we did not stop until yesterday, despite the circumstances that the country is going through and the massive influx of people towards the center. other states. We are still making efforts to continue the service. If the solution had been available on the market like other aids, rest assured, we would not have hesitated to buy it so that the process of washing patients did not stop. This is what needs to be clarified. There is no power or strength except in God, the Most High, the Great.

Last message :

In summary, it is not shameful for us to resign from the public house because we do not have the capacity to steer the wheel of work. It is rather shameful for us to cling to mechanisms as a means of carrying out health logistics procedures. of the war. Isn't it a crime for a large proportion of kidney disease patients to suffer from the inability of the logistics committee to provide stocks? A strategy for the most important kidney solutions?! Ultimately, who is held responsible for these terrible errors?! Who consoles grieving patients and their families?! When will we see the broken mechanisms of the Logistics Committee again?! Oh my God, do not leave us to our own devices even for the blink of an eye, and make our calamities and calamities easy for us, O Lord of the worlds.

I didn't get it without God revealing it

God is enough and yes, the agent

O God, do not impose on us, because of our sins, those who do not fear you for us and do not have pity on us, O Most Merciful of the merciful.

#TheOther_Dimension | Brier Musaab |

Sunday (May 12, 2024 AD)

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