Creation of the Electronic Press Association, a new cornerstone of the Sudanese media structure – Something for the homeland – ✍️ Mr. Salah Ghariba

The Sudanese media scene is undergoing a significant transformation with the creation of the Electronic Press Association. This step represents a qualitative leap in the process of organizing this vital area, strengthening its achievements and embodying the aspirations of those who work there towards broader horizons. professional work and constructive development. This initiative establishes a new phase of organized collective work. It establishes the principle of fruitful cooperation between electronic journalists, to preserve their rights and interests, and advance their role in the service of society.

There is no doubt that the creation of the Association of Electronic Journalism represents a giant step towards institutionalizing this field and organizing its work according to clear professional standards that improve the quality of media content and establish the principle of professional responsibility. establish controls ensuring electronic journalists' commitment to professional ethics and maintaining the credibility of information. Presented to the public, it also aims to create a favorable working environment that encourages professional development and allows journalists to exchange experiences and improve their skills.

Electronic media in Sudan, as is the case in many Arab countries, faces a number of challenges that hinder its progress and its role in building society. Chief among these challenges are the weakness of technical infrastructure, lack of available financial resources, etc. as well as the lack of organized government support for this sector. Not to mention the security restrictions to which electronic journalists may be exposed and the restrictions imposed on freedom of expression.

The Electronic Press Association is aware of the scale of these challenges and is aware of its responsibility to face them with determination and determination. The Association seeks to cooperate with relevant government agencies and relevant international organizations to develop strategic plans that help overcome these obstacles. and provide the Sudanese electronic press with a wider space for development and prosperity. The association calls for the enactment of legislation guaranteeing the freedom of electronic journalistic work and protecting journalists from any harassment or violation.

The responsibility for the development of electronic journalism does not lie solely with electronic journalists, but rather it is a shared responsibility that falls on all parts of society. The advancement of this field requires continued government support and close cooperation with educational institutions to obtain qualified degrees. executives who keep pace with rapid developments in this area. The public also plays an important role in supporting electronic journalism by reading its content, interacting with it and subscribing to its services.

The establishment of the Electronic Press Association represents the dawn of a new dawn for Sudanese media. Through organized collective work and constructive cooperation between all parties involved, this association will be able to achieve its noble goals and will effectively contribute to the development of the electronic press. electronic journalism, and strengthen its role in building a free and democratic Sudanese society that benefits… Everyone has freedom of expression and access to information.

The establishment of the Electronic Press Association represents a significant achievement recorded in the history of Sudanese media and augurs a promising future for this vital field. It's time for everyone.

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