Criticism between hatred and truth… a look at the personal interests of Sudanese politics ✍️Taha Haroun Hamed

The political, social and cognitive transformations that Sudan has witnessed in recent years, the negative feelings and mutual criticism between different parties were not far away. Instead of objectively and moderately examining the historical and deep-rooted problems that are worsening in society, it seems that certain vested interests are seizing the opportunity of chaos to achieve their personal goals at the expense of the interests of the nation and society .

Constructive criticism and calm discussions are essential elements of democracy and the development of nations. However, it is clear that some groups seek to gain at the expense of the country's stability. They speak about violations as if they represent the voice of truth, but the painful truth is that they work according to their own agendas and seek political gains at the expense of society as a whole.

These people seem to have difficulty managing diversity and accepting different opinions. Instead of thinking about the common good and working to build a society that accepts diversity and tolerates others, they prefer to exploit chaos and spread hatred and malice to achieve their personal goals.

In fact, they may have a superficial understanding of the political and social situation in Sudan, but they seem to lack the global vision and strategic thinking that requires working towards the aspirations of the entire people. Instead, they cling to their narrow ideas and ignore any ideas or opinions that contradict their negative orientation.

The path to a future in which the provisions of law, good governance, equality and accountability prevail in Sudan requires the combined efforts of all members of society, regardless of their political, social or regional affiliations . We must work together to achieve a sustainable future. development and build strong institutions that serve the people with honesty, professionalism and justice.

We cannot allow those who seek personal gain at the expense of the nation's interests to control our future. We must unite and remain united against any attempt to destabilize the country and work hard to build a better future for all Sudanese.

Ultimately, we must always remember that peace and stability will not be achieved through division, partisanship, class condescension and incitement to racism. Through cooperation and sacrifice for the benefit of all.

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