Dalqo Locality Executive Director Inaugurates Youth Authority Medical Convoy in Sebu Region

Today, the Executive Director of Dalqo Locality, Mr. Mudathir Sharaf al-Din, the Chairman of the Youth Authority for Support and Assistance to the Armed Forces, Mr. Muzammil Hashem, and the Director of the Team Unit, Mr. Muhammad Mutawakel, all inaugurated the medical convoy for Sebu region under the auspices of Dalqo Locality and the Youth Authority in cooperation with the Sudanese Family Planning Association, in the presence of medical staff consisting of specialists, an assistant specialist, pharmacists and nurses. in addition to an integrated laboratory and a pharmacy including ten clinics (internal medicine – obstetrics and gynecology – nutrition – children – diabetes and endocrinology – physiotherapy – nursing – ophthalmology – surgery and minor operations) in addition to a pharmacy that provides medicines for chronic diseases and antibiotics.

For his part, the executive director of Dalqo locality expressed his great pleasure in being present in the medical convoy of the Youth Authority to support and support the Armed Forces, thanking the efforts of the Authority to support the Armed Forces and fight with them in various He thanked the efforts of the citizens of Dalqo locality to support the Armed Forces, noting that the Authority must repay the debt to the citizens by providing social services, including the medical convoy. of the Youth Authority of Dalqo locality, he thanked the efforts of the doctors who represent the first line of defense of this country with the Armed Forces, indicating that the youth of the locality are fully willing to cooperate with the Youth Authority and provide support. some good and support for this.

Grateful for the efforts of the Presidency of the Supreme Committee for Popular Resistance in the State and Local Areas and for the continuous mobilization work

Stressing that the campaign has achieved success rate over the past two days in Asho, Hanaq and Handaka regions, in addition to Sebu region, thanking today the efforts of the doctors in the convoy and the efforts of the people of the region for their generous hospitality and welcome.

For his part, the director of the Youth Authority for Support and Support to the State Armed Forces said that the state was on alert, stressing that there were forces within the Youth Authority fighting alongside the armed forces in various cities of the state. Sudan, praising the efforts of doctors to serve and support the community, noting that one of the tasks of the Youth Authority is to support the armed forces with the Mujahideen. He opened the Al-Karama camps and the reserve forces by training more than forty-five people. three thousand young men in the Al-Karama camps and the establishment of strategic brigades in the various localities of the state, in addition to medical support, mobilization and mobilization, thanking the efforts of the locality and its citizens for their generous hospitality and warm welcome and the success of the convoy.

It is worth noting that the areas visited by the convoy in the locality are Asho, Hanaq and Handaka areas in Baraka unit, in addition to Sebu area today in the unit. A team will be at the Dalqo mining market the following day. tomorrow, God willing.

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