Dandir Umm Rakhm Road – Whale Thorn – ✍️ Yasser Muhammad Mahmoud Al-Bishr

*The Dinder Al-Meqrih Um Rakhm road, which leads to the Gedaref national road, has become one of the country's strategic roads. This road shortens the travel distance of trucks and buses from the states of Sennar, the White Nile, the three states of Kordofan, the five states of Darfur, and the Blue Nile state by one third. This road will reduce traffic on Gedaref Urban Road by a percentage of 60% and also works to develop the area between Al-Dandar. , Umm Rakhm and Al-Mugrah, and facilitates the movement and movement of owners of agricultural projects located in this area, in addition to developing the areas of Al-Hawata, Qal'a Al-Nahl and the surrounding villages and agricultural areas . It can be said that this road has been one of the proposed national roads for decades. However, he was unable to implement it*.

*The importance of this road increased after the expansion of the war and the occupation of the town of Wad Madani by the Rapid Support Militia. This road has become the lung through which more than half of the states of Sudan breathe. was the artery connecting the port of Port Sudan to the rest of the states mentioned above. The male, since this road is a national road, the federal government saw the need to implement it, especially in light of the necessarily known circumstances which cause this road to be carried out. a lifeline that must be implemented during this period, knowing that the length of this road is 110 kilometers*.

*Yesterday, the Federal Government announced that it had contracted thirteen companies specializing in the road industry to carry out the Dinder-Um-Rakham-Al-Megrah-Gedaref road, provided that the implementation period does not not exceed one month in the lifespan of time. In this way, the share of a company responsible for execution will be eight and a half kilometers, and if the work has started within the agreed time frame, this road will be completed within 24 days, neither less nor more, counting met deadlines. take into account certain emergencies that may arise here and there. The visit of the Federal Minister of Roads to witness the start of work on this road has been confirmed tomorrow, Sunday, April twenty-eighth, 2024, in the Greater Dinder* area.

*The selected companies and the contract signed with them must exceed the financial and economic conditions experienced by the country. If the federal government is unable to meet its financial obligations, the owners of these businesses must bear the economic reality. life and work according to the theory of all possible and some impossible, and the owners of these companies must accept success as soon as The complex economic circumstances apply, even in terms of social responsibility of these companies to the Sudanese people, and the challenge that It remains for these companies to implement this path in this specific period of time. Ultimately, the account is created between the Ministry of Finance and the implementing companies, and the owners of these companies must submit to the government on Saturday for the government to save on Sunday. for them, Sunday is not far away*.

Half a fork

*The companies that will carry out this road will have the lion's share in the phase of rebuilding what was destroyed by the war, including major projects aimed at rebuilding what was destroyed by the war in various fields of construction and urbanization and in various fields, including road construction. , water and electricity projects and other projects.*

A quarter of a fork

*Work on this road does not mean doing without the Grand Hantoub, nor in any way postponing the liberation of the town of Wad Madani.*

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