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Who among us, all the people of Sudan and all those who are aware of it, does not know the late teacher of generations, Mahjoub Muhammad Salih, and how he was a balanced, balanced, wise and patriotic journalist in all that 'he wrote and said. ..

Who among us has not read his editorials, which tend to give advice and seek solutions, even in the darkest circumstances and the most embarrassing situations that the country is going through?

Who among us can remember a single situation in which we sought to exclude, betray and antagonize the other, just as we did to each other, until we reached this what we have reached now???

Yesterday I was present at his memorial evening, organized by a committee which got drunk and which was accused of being of only one color, as I saw it, which led to the presence of 'a majority of those of this affiliation and the absence of most of those who stand on the other side…

On my way to Dar Al-Ulum Garden in Sayyida Zeinab, I met a few brothers, including Professor Siddiq Tower. Then at the entrance to the room, I met Professor Wahid Saleh. When I sat down, in front of me was Muhammad Al. -Faki Suleiman, Sarah Naqdallah, Bulad and others. On the podium, I saw colleagues, including Shawqi Abdel-Azim and Taher Al-Muatasem, in his capacity secretary of the union which organized the celebration.

I asked the journalists who were next to me… How many journalists were there among this large audience? He replied that there were more than a hundred of them.

The politicization of the event began with the lack of participation of journalists of all stripes and tendencies and the boycott by some of such a memorial, which is a memorial to a national symbol and one of the fathers of journalism and journalists …

The ceremony began with a recitation of the Holy Quran with the voice of the late Sheikh Siddiq Ahmed Hamdoun, then with the flag anthem, defended by everyone, and finally with a minute of silence. The spirit of the deceased and the martyrs of the war that the country is witnessing, then the politicization of the memorial after a well-known song (The revolution is the revolution of the people and the authority is the authority of the people…the military are in the barracks and the Janjaweed are disbanding)

Then came the words and tribute was paid to the deceased in the person of his family.

We never believed that the late Mahjoub Muhammad Saleh was or would remain the king of any entity, and that “shameless” people had the right to control every event or action that follows him. We did not expect that some professionals and high-level journalists would boycott. such a thing, especially those who lived with Professor Mahjoub and worked with him or under his direction. The event takes place while we are in the midst of grief and tragedy…

I wish we could agree on commonalities in which we would honor every contribution to the history of this country, whether negative or positive. This is because when he contributed, he only meant good for his country. such circumstances, the positions which have germinated in our heads and our spirits and which we have constructed on a political, social or religious basis, will perhaps return to us, and to our Lord, to the closeness and intimacy which 'had the Sudanese people. , although they were politically different, and some of what the deceased mentioned in his writings testifies to this, since the late Ahmed Suleiman, the lawyer, accompanied the delegation of Sudanese parties to congratulate the Queen of England in the fifties on behalf of the Communist Party, and none of them said: “We will not be part of a delegation that collects defects.”

God was helping everyone

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