Delgo Locality Executive Director Launches Campaign to Combat Negative Phenomena in the Locality

This morning, the executive director of the locality of Dalqo, Mr. Mudassir Sharaf al-Din, inaugurated the department of the Al-Baraka unit, and in the presence of the police chiefs of the locality, headed by Police Major/Mohamed Ismail, director of the Al-Baraka unit. -The Police Department of the Baraka Unit, and other regular agencies, launched a campaign to combat negative phenomena in the locality, where the campaign was launched in a parade column by the regular forces with energy and enthusiasm.

For his part, the executive director of the locality explained that the purpose of the campaign is to demonstrate the strength and high morale of the force, stressing that the locality of Dalgo is safe and secure thanks to the work carried out by the security and police services. indicating that the campaign targets any negative and foreign phenomenon to the local community, in addition to children working in mining areas. Because child labor is prohibited by law, the child and those who work with him must be arrested, as well as foreigners. presence by illegal means, in addition to sleeper cells in the locality.

Stressing that the campaign targets all sheikhdoms, markets, mining areas, cafes and highways in the locality, indicating that there will be other campaigns, wishing the force success in accomplishing the mission perfectly.

For his part, the director of the Baraka police said that the campaign will be launched today to combat negative phenomena in various local units. The campaign includes negative phenomena in society, in addition to miners in mining areas, as well as foreigners in an irregular situation. presence, and that the force is ready and enthusiastic to launch the campaign, noting the good relations of the force with citizens in accordance with What the law requires is that the purpose of the campaign is to show its strength and that the locality is ready to eliminate any negative phenomena in it

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