Demonstration of (strength) (Shendi) increased strength (and strength) – Paths – ✍️ Mahfouz Abdeen

The parade and show of force column, carried out by the Shindi General Intelligence Service in cooperation with regional intelligence, passed through the Grand Market and the city's neighborhoods and squares.

This column comes at exactly the right time, especially as the armed forces advance on all axes and achieve undoubted victories that are neither denied by the satellite television screens of Hesed, nor denied by the enemies of Ramad.

These victories are good news and indicators of Sudan's return to the bosom of its loyal “sons” after having “lost” and lost its way because of its treacherous “sons” who sold themselves at a “cheap” price and their homeland is numbered.

The parade column and the show of force that traveled through the city of Shendi and its neighborhoods are like a “rehearsal” of the Great Victory March that the locality of Shendi leads to the General Command on Great Victory Day following the announcement from the Commander-in-Chief. -Chief of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, in which he announces the defeat of the rebellion and the purge of the country of the filth of traitors and the fifth column.

This spectacle was a show of force to spread a spirit (of reassurance) among the citizens that their forces and knights are in a state of (maximum) preparedness to face any aggression against the locality or the state, especially more than (the enemy) is looking for a false (victory) to raise the (spirit) and (morale) of its soldiers. (Les Effondrés) starting with his harsh defeat on radio and television, which paralyzed his thinking and dispersed his rallies.

The parade queue and show of force sparked great and unprecedented interaction from citizens, as work was interrupted and stopped for a few minutes in the space through which the queue passed. As seen in the images and video clips, women, young and old, accompanied by children, came out of their homes, receiving this parade with “Allahu Akbar” and “Halleel”. armed forces and the elimination of this conspiracy which targets Sudan, both on the territory and on the population.

The interaction in the “market” was no less lively than in the “neighborhoods”, when “patients” and “their attendants” came out of private “clinics” and “dispensaries” to “greet” the show of force , and it was a scene that confirmed the sincerity and reality of the cohesion of the people with their armed forces.

Buying and selling activity in the market came to a halt, work in restaurants was stopped and customers left their food on the tables inside and came out to salute their brave soldiers.

The parade column and show of force carried out by the General Intelligence Service in Shindi was a message to traitors, infiltrators and sleeper cells, and the fifth column is for anyone who raises their head in (counter-)action (sabotage), or (listen), because (Yajin's security) is (close) to him.

The parade queue and the demonstration of power itself needed to be revitalized and calmed by the flow of this great (moral) push expressed by a group of people in (the neighborhoods) and (the markets).

This is (cohesion) and this is (support).

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