Despite war conditions, educational process will continue – Sennar State Ministry of Education and Guidance announces resumption of studies for all students next May

In order to adapt to the changes and events occurring in the country and for its security and stability, the Sinnar State Ministry of Education and Guidance today announced the opening of schools and the resumption of the educational process for all levels in the seven different localities of the state, during an extended meeting held today at the office of the Director General of the Ministry of Education and Guidance in Sinja, in which the directors of the general planning departments and primary schools participated, with the participation and presence of directors of departments in the three stages at the local level of the State and some partners of the educational process of organizations and security.

Director General of the Ministry of National Education and Guidance, Minister-designate A. Babakir Sir Al-Khatm, during the brainstorming meeting which discussed the ministry's vision to open schools and resume the process educational in the state with the aim of preserving pupils and students within the education system and consolidating what they have learned in previous years, especially primary school said that the general administration of the Ministry of Education Education would present and reflect the vision of the ministry to the state government and the security committee, expressing hope that it will find acceptance, support and support for the implementation and continuation of the educational process. the state.

The Director-General revealed that the ministry's vision for opening schools is based on three plans whose implementation requires the definition of specific and clear arrangements to be agreed with the state government and the security committee, including teachers' salaries.

Babiker pointed out that there are certain barricades that could hinder the implementation of the ministry's plan to open schools, which requires the intervention of partners and the local community to overcome them. He stressed that opening schools requires concessions and sacrifices from stakeholders. problem, emphasizing the importance of continuing studies despite war conditions, convinced of the role of education in developing societies and nations under construction, he declared that ideal conditions for education and housing do not were not available in the midst of these circumstances. but he expressed his hope that the government would make education a priority.

The general administrations of the three levels of primary, middle and secondary education, local administrations and the general planning administration of the ministry expressed their intention to open schools and discussed in detail the main elements for the success of the recovery idea academic studies. process, related to workers' salaries, maintenance of schools, provision of textbooks and seats, with the aim of creating a conducive environment for education, and the participants decided to resume their studies in the state of Sennar during the second week of next May.

Despite the differences and similarities in the views of the meeting participants regarding the necessary arrangements to open schools and continue the educational process, everyone agreed that the opening of schools is considered the winning card of the education, especially of students and students, in order to prevent school dropout. , reduce educational losses and change student behavior.

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