Dismissed political advisor to militia leader Youssef Ezzat Al-Mahri reveals his refusal to work under “Abdul Rahim Dagalo” due to his low qualifications.

I thank the Commander of the Rapid Support Forces for agreeing to relieve me of the responsibility of political advisor, with regard to the internal arrangements mentioned in the decision and taken by the Rapid Support Command, which are not in accordance with the reasons for my decision. acceptance to work with the Commander of the Rapid Support Forces and Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council in 2021 at his request.

During this period, I have done what I can to provide political advice and work with youth and revolutionary organizations that believe in change and have a clear position on the revolution and the future of our country linked to justice and democratic civil transformation.

To enable it to function, but since last April, after a workshop held in Uganda, the civil and political work has been structured and its responsibility has been transferred to the leadership of the brother, the second commander of the Rapid Support Forces, Abdul Rahim Dagalo, under the name of the Civil Coordination Council of the Rapid Support Forces, and after agreement of the Commander of the Rapid Support, the work has become part of the official structures of the Rapid Support Forces. Neither experience nor convictions allow me to work under the leadership of Abdel. Rahim, because the political work was related to brother Hemedti as the vice president of the Sovereignty Council, which is a work of a political nature, and since you are a civilian and I work in a position in which I am not subject to military orders or any part of them, the structures of the Rapid Support Forces, and for other reasons that will be mentioned in the future, I asked to be excused because my mission is related to a personal relationship before it was a family relationship that bound me. brother Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo (Hemedti) since childhood, and according to this, he asked me to come from exile to contribute with him to the political work and its restrictions in the circumstances of that period. After the war, I took a stand to confront with him what I thought was a betrayal because of his positions in favor of civil-democratic transformation and in the face of the return of the Islamic movement to power. I supported the exit from the military institution. power and helped build relationships with civilian forces to avoid war. I have given what I could in this war from its first hours until the last moment, and it will continue. My sword and pen are with the Ashaws of Rapid Support who. triumphed for the just cause against the tyrants of the state and its Islamic movement. Regarding the above-mentioned internal arrangements, I accept the decision of the Commander of the Rapid Support Forces, and my position will remain true to the issues that formed our previous convictions to work in the Rapid Support Forces and will remain after them. work to solve war problems and work to involve stakeholders in change and support local communities who pay the price of wars in self-determination, and in this, we do not do someone in his name. We will contribute from our position to work in building our projects through which we seek to serve a better future for our people and end the wars in Sudan, and enable our people to own their decisions and plan their future after stopping the wars and solving their causes.

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