Divers' visit: media symbols of the Nile in memory of the ministry.. ✍️ Tariq Hassan Al-Jak

The series of honorary visits made by the Nile State Media Director, Mr. Fath al-Rahman Ghattas, to the families of Nile media icons was greatly appreciated by the residents of these icons. The locality included the family of the late Resident Professor Hassan Haddad and the family of the late Professor Habib Idris, who were among those who led the work. The journalist from the locality of Shendi rightly commemorated them in memory of the leaders of the Ministry of Culture. and information on the Nile to date.

The delegation was led, alongside Ghattas, by Mr. Babakir Al-Azraq, Director of the General Administration of Culture, Media and Communications of the locality of Shendi, Ms. Najla Fatah Al-Rahman of the television channel Sudanese, and Mr. Elias Abdel. -Rahman, president of the Expatriate Media Association, as well as a number of employees of local media agencies and the Media Association, as well as local people interested in media affairs.

Ghattas and his companions began their tour at Mr. Haddad's house in Block 1, then at Block 37 West, where they were received by Mrs. Ilham, daughter of the late Habib Idris, and her family, and Mr. Nasser Bakr Ahmed, director of the Department of Culture of the locality of Shendi.

At the start of the meeting, Mr. Babakir Al-Azraq spoke, explaining the reasons for the visit and welcoming this happy new year for the ministry. Then he explained the role of the late Mr. Habib Idris in the media service. the different departments in which he worked in many parts of the country, not only Nile and Shendi, and he also appreciated the efforts of his daughter, Professor Elham Habib, for carrying her father's banner in media work, wishing him more success.

The State Media Director spoke, listing the pioneering roles of media icons in Nile State, prompting the ministry to commemorate their memory through these social visits as a reward for their generosity. He expressed his joy at the professor's performance. Elham Habib to the position of media director of Shendi locality, as she follows in the footsteps of her father, who wrote his name with his diligence and sincerity in The conscience of the media of Shendi and the state in general.

For his part, Professor Elham Habib expressed his joy at this kind gesture on the part of the ministry, which means a lot to all those who belong to the community entourage of the late Habib Idris. She stressed that this approach is considered an incentive for her. make more effort and generosity in this area, following in his father's footsteps.

The visit then concluded with a ceremony in honor of the late Professor Habib Idris Ali.

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