Dr. Ahmed Al-Amin inaugurates the charity eye camp in Gedaref and leads support for initiatives serving patients..!

Dr. Ahmed Al-Amin Adam, Director General of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Gedaref State, Minister in Charge, inaugurated the Charitable Eye Camp, established by the International Sight Foundation (Ophthalmology Hospitals of Makkah) in cooperation with the Gedaref State Ministry of Health (Eye Educational Hospital) and the Charitable Foundation for the Treatment of Patients of Shaheed Seif Health Center are located in the Celery district.

The secretary praised the efforts of the camp organizers in organizing and providing free services to hundreds of citizens in the areas of meeting with ophthalmologists, eye examination, eye pressure measurement, carrying out cataract operations and dispensing medicines, drops for eye diseases. and glasses. He ordered that more efforts be made to cover all those seeking camp services and to count and document medical services provided in the camp.

For his part, the General Director of the Charitable Foundation for the Treatment of Patients, Dr. Dieu Abdul Rahman criticized the fact that the Foundation seeks with all its might to serve people through partnerships, initiatives and camps that have proven themselves thanks to the broad response of citizens. He announced other camps in cooperation with Gedaref University Hospital during the next one. week, in addition to their efforts to move this camp to Dokah and Al-Hawatah in advance with the Al-Basr Foundation over the next two weeks, in addition to launching a physiotherapy camp at the health center of the deceased. Omar Al-Badawi in the Al-Sufi district, starting tomorrow Monday.

For his part, the Director of the General Administration of Health Affairs of Gedaref Municipality, Mr. Serenity of Light, the valuable efforts made by the Charity Foundation in treating patients, the operator of Sufi Centers and Karves, and the beneficial initiatives it has implemented through the therapeutic health camps through its centers to serve patients, and Light praised the Al-Ayoun charity camp for the amount of medical and therapeutic capabilities it provides free of charge to patients, as well as for carrying out free of charge a large number of delicate surgical operations that patients need.

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