Dr. Al-Baqir Abdul Qayyum Ali offers condolences to the country's deceased, Diab Mahmoud Diab

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Addy D. Al-Baqir Abdul Qayyum Ali, Head of International Affairs at the Union of African Journalists and one of the founders of the Northern State Sudanese Journalists Association and journalist writer Condolences to the deceased of the State and one of the pillars of the tribe of. Teachers: Professor Diab Mahmoud Diab, former Director of Northern State College Administration and one of the first generation teachers who contributed significantly to the construction of educational institutions in the state .

It is worth noting that Professor Diab was born in the Artdi district of Dinfla town in 1944 AD and joined the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Khartoum at an early age. However, the concern for education in the state. was the most important priority for him, and that is why he preferred joining teaching rather than continuing his university studies. After obtaining a degree in education at the Bakht al-Rida Institute, he became one of the pillars of intermediate education in the north. He visited most of his localities. He was not just an ordinary professor who did his duty during his work and was done with it, for he was a curious and creative man in everything. He had a global vision. multiple talents. In addition to being a discreet scholar, he is a distinguished writer, blessed with an elegant social presence and a unique and unrivaled artist in all sporting, social, cultural and artistic pursuits. How could it not be so. is he one of the pillars of the generation of giants? People knew him for his uniqueness and distinction as an educator with total creativity and good morality, until he rose to the position of educational supervisor at the Dongola Education Office and then director of the college. He was one of the greatest educational directors in management and interaction and one of the most loved by teachers, students and parents in the state.

And have mercy on Dr. Al-Baqir extends his condolences to the soul of the deceased, who represented an exceptional and unique case in the history of education in Sudan, asking Almighty God to cover him with his vast mercy and of his abundant forgiveness and to inspire his family and loved ones and all who know his virtue with patience, comfort and kindness. There is no power or strength except through God Almighty.

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