Dr. Khaled Hussein, a fragrant biography and an immortal journey – Whispering the Letters – ✍️ Dr. Al-Baqir Abdul Qayyum Ali

Every country has its human pillars. They are the most important in its society and play a central role in its progress, development and societal construction through which social, economic and cultural progress is achieved.

The city of Dongola, the capital of the Northern State, represents a bright image of the reality of social diversity and the abundance of cultural heritage. It is considered one of the most ideal cities in Sudan for human coexistence, with which the separations between members of society dissolve, as it witnesses societal interactions composed of broad spectra that include a number of imported and authentic facies that it has harmonized in this region to form an extremely beautiful picture, with dimensions that have a human depth, and legacies of a social and cultural dimension that has colored life with the brightest colors.

From this region full of beauty and generosity was born Dr. Khaled Hussein Abdel Rahman, a consultant in ophthalmology and surgery, who has become one of the pillars of the young city of Dongola. He is the son of the island of Labab. , who has many talents and diverse ways of giving. This young man is also the son of Surtoud the challenge. He combined the practice of medicine with the art of playing music, a passion for humanitarian work, giving and a love of doing good to others, which reflects the breadth of diversity that distinguishes this man from others, coupled with the entire dedication that forms his personality, which is found in the service of society in multiple ways. He is a competent doctor in eye surgery, and he combines. medical skill with humanitarian care in an exceptional way. He is always found contributing and supporting remarkably in everything that requires his intervention in order to improve vision on the visual and societal levels.

When speakers talk about someone D. They are unable to talk about Khaled, because words are short in front of his tall stature, so expressions of admiration for him are dull and expressions are not enough to convey the meaning of this unique man, especially since he represents a general. source of inspiration for many because of his dedication and uniqueness in serving society and contributing to its welfare, and my speech does not talk about him as a way to make him known, and I do not want to polish him because this man is a shining star without illuminating it, because he is himself luminous.

The man, Dr. Khaled Hussein, is considered a rare role model because he always remained attached to the city of Dongola and never sought to seek wealth outside it. Instead, he was patient in the face of difficulties and worked hard to develop and improve it. At the same time, he sought to improve his profession and excelled in it until it became a medical tourism destination in the field of ophthalmology and surgery in the state. This is contrary to the fact that he is considered one of those who contributed to their efforts. He invested his personal and private money in promoting the welfare of this city in order to advance it. In addition to this, he founded and headed Sheikh. Ahmed Ali Al-Imam Hospital. He showcased his technical and professional skills by equipping this hospital with the latest equipment. It is the only government and referral hospital specializing in medicine and… eye surgery in the northern state.

Dr. Khaled Hussein cannot limit himself to his profession alone, which is known as a consultant in ophthalmology and surgery. He is always at the forefront of his work, as the director of Sheikh Ahmed Ali Al-. Imam Eye Hospital for Ophthalmology and Surgery, and he is the chairman of the Federation of Musical Professions of the Northern State. He is also the chairman of the board of directors (featured) of several civil society organizations, and he is also the chairman. honorary chairman of some of them. He is a complete young man, honored and decorated with positions. In addition, he is the leader, founder and patron of the elite cultural and social group “Our Sweet Lamtna”. is not an ordinary group like those in the spheres of space. It may seem so to some, but it is interesting because it expresses the positive spirit of global giving in all creative aspects and is suitable to be a firm advisory board for this state. if the state wants it. It is a group of beauty and generosity.

Without a call for tenders, the man is considered one of the figures of creativity in Sudan and he practices his profession as a doctor with an artistic spirit, as he gives each surgical operation a human touch with a unique artistic character that distinguishes him from others. We find him providing his medical services in the field of eye surgery at a zero cost that does not exceed in any case a third of the amount in force in the state, compared to the common cost, which can reach three times that charged. for the surgical operation, making it the simplest, most available and best option for many people who do not find support in life. He is the true support for all those who have no support and the dear brother in whom the meaning of true brotherhood. are embodied, he is the complete and complete spiritual father, and the true, faithful and trustworthy friend. On this occasion, I cannot help but tell him the words of the poet Omar Al-Hussein, which were sung by the late resident artist. Khalifa said:

I brought it to you, I swear you won't regret it

Asad Al-Kadad Al-Kadad is in your company

Oh, the autumn thunder above your voice, rumbles

Your door is not closed, your fire brings pain

You don't intend to say anything other than rest, it's forbidden

And I said to him: “Walk your path, O Khaled, with the eyes of God watching over you, and draw, with your path and your path, the most beautiful journey of life, and let it be with the brush of a professional artist of the art of drawing, and teach people what life is by giving and receiving, and history will certainly immortalize this for you.” The sumptuous story about the art of giving, on pages of gold May God protect you, protect you. , and guide your steps, Mr. Youth of the Northern State.

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