Dr Omran Al-Basha – Truth be told – ✍️ Howaida Muhammad Ahmed (Farwa)

The ebony boy from Dilling Town is a boy who has the kindness of words to penetrate the hearts of the sick. He is one of those people with pure hearts and happy faces who strongly welcome those who are tired of illness and pressed by poverty. all the joy.

He meets everyone in his clinic. He treats those who have money with those who don't. He deals with ease and pays generously with his money to provide for the needs of the destitute, in payment of the cost of medicines or as exemption from an allowance. a maintenance ticket or examination invoice. We consider him one of the unique people in this country and one of the few medical professionals who respected the Hippocratic Oath and upheld it with faith.

Today we dedicate this space to the truth that is meant to give man his due, and it was he who stood firm and focused with his family when his professional colleagues fled the hell of war, and he confirmed by his position that proverb which says (that men stand)

.. Divine Providence took him at the time of the Rapid Support Forces' attack on the city and on the Mother Bakhita Hospital, in search of him. They searched for him everywhere inside the hospital, but God's will was for hearts and eyes. blinded, and his location would not be known, as he was in his office with a curtain between him and them that could reveal him if the wind moved him, but it is divine providence that God specializes in whoever He wills .

Dr. Imran is a story that must be paused, documented and honored, not only by the people of this city, but by all of its people in South Kordofan. He is one of the rare executives who sacrificed and survived. patient and chose to stay in this city and take on the great responsibilities that many abandoned and fled out of the country. Everyone knows the circumstances in which he took over the management of a hospital and the major operations that were carried out on him despite the scarcity of resources. abilities.

Which made Bakhita Mother Hospital a beacon and a refuge for all mothers in the city, as faithful as Daling Mountain. He provides his services with the available abilities and under the close supervision of this chivalrous and caring man, the human physician Dr. . Imran, who has won the trust of the people of the city.

We do not say: He is of the people of heaven, but we say that he is of the people of the gift.

May God protect him, care for him and grant him health, well-being, peace of mind and a long life in the service of medicine, as he strives with others to improve the The image of this building distorted by others with weak souls who have made of its high meanings a profession which brings them a lot in these difficult circumstances that the country is going through.

God knows, O Imran Al-Basha, what kind of person you are, what kind of doctor you are, what humility, what generosity, what chivalry you are.

May God protect you in your home and your travels.

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