Eastern Forces of Orta…..the grandchildren carry the opinion of the grandfathers ✍️ Muhammad Othman Al-Radi

At the kind invitation of the Commander of the Eastern Orta Forces, Al-Amin Daoud Mahmoud, I had the honor of attending the enlightening meeting he held today, Saturday, in the Dar Al-Naim district (Land of resilience).

The meeting was an opportunity to put the dots on the letters and find out what has been kept silent on various issues that concern the people of eastern Sudan.

The formation of the Eastern Orange Forces in the State of Eritrea was dictated by extreme necessity, and we do not mind training the next batches inside Sudanese territory if the ground is prepared for it , according to what the commander-in-chief of the Eastern Orange Forces declared. The Orange Forces, Al-Amin Daoud Mahmoud, said.

Secretary Daoud Mahmoud was very clear in his speech today to the crowd at the land of resilience, Dar Al-Naim. He ruled out the outbreak of a civil war in eastern Sudan and spoke from the text (we are not raising this gun). against each other in eastern Sudan).

(Our goal is to protect our land and our people. Sudan will shine, and there is no one to protect us and determine what we should do.) This was confirmed and confirmed by the commander of the Orta forces from the East, Al-Amin Daoud. Mahmoud.

The Commander of Eastern Orta Forces, Al-Amin Daoud Mahmoud, also highlighted the importance of the Eritrean government and people for the heroic role they are playing towards Sudan.

Commander of Eastern Orta Forces, Al-Amin Daoud Mahmoud, highlighted the importance of tribal interaction between Eritrea and Sudan and added: “The State of Eritrea is a natural extension of us and we are proud of it, and we will do it. continue working to strengthen the bonds between us.

The Earth of Resilience meeting today is considered one of the most important meetings organized by the Popular Front for Liberation and Justice under the leadership of Secretary Daoud Mahmoud, and it will be followed by future meetings in accordance with the plan of the Popular Front for Liberation and Justice. In front.

Today's meeting was scheduled to take place at 3 p.m., but there was an emergency situation for the commander of the Eastern Orta forces, Al-Amin Daoud, due to his departure for the Egyptian capital, Cairo , which pushed him to The meeting took place this morning. It was very brief, it lasted no more than 15 minutes and he left immediately afterwards.

The meeting is linked to a meeting with the vice-president of the Sovereignty Council, Malik Aqar.

Today's meeting, Saturday, in Dar Al-Naim, the Land of Resilience, was a golden opportunity for which the commander of the Eastern Orta forces and leader of the Popular Front for Liberation and justice, Al-Amin Daoud Mahmoud, reviewed his political orientation. and its military program and vision for how to govern Sudan.

(We are against reconciliations between the different ethnic components of Eastern Sudan, provided that they are real reconciliations whose fruits are harvested by the ordinary citizen on the ground, and there is no sense superficial reconciliations between the leaders of these components that we see in the media from time to time) This is the vision of the commander of the Eastern Orange Forces and leader of the Popular Front for Liberation and Justice, Al-Amin Daoud Mahmoud spoke about tribal reconciliations and thus concluded his speech at the meeting. .

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