Eating human livers – Signs – ✍️ Rashid Abdel Rahim

The first extremely horrific incident recorded in Sudan's history, and to achieve a fundamental objective, was committed by the rebels to gain media hype, namely the attempt by one of their soldiers to eat a human liver.

They recorded it in a clip and distributed it to blame the Sudanese army and the Al-Baraa Brigades.

One miserable attempt will not erase the memory of any of the horrific operations they committed and documented on their phones.

The assassination of West Darfur Governor Khamis Absher and the mutilation of his body will remain clear evidence of their ugliness.

The images of the Janjaweed against themselves are present and proven, not the least of which is the murder of the living and the captives. Instead, they forced unarmed citizens to dig a large hole to bury their families, then killed them all.

Their brazen crime committed by their ally in dispersing the leadership sit-in also bears witness to this.

The story of the ugliness of the Janjaweed needs no proof from their first history to today.

The ugliness of the rebels becomes evident as the territory shrinks and they suffer defeats.

The Rapid Support Forces, due to their inhumane violations, have created intense hatred and hatred in the hearts of the Sudanese people towards them.

Their obsession and fear of the army soldiers, Al-Baraa fighters and Mustafarin forces revealed their bankruptcy and defeat.

They could not face battles with weapons, and they will not succeed with lies, deception and fabrications.

How many Sudanese were murdered by their forces?

How many families are suffering the loss of sons, daughters, mothers and mothers who were killed at their hands, captured or expelled from their homes?

The Sudanese army did not go to the pastures, pastures and villages of the Janjaweed in Darfur, but they were the ones who came to Khartoum and Jazira with their weapons and brutality. They are the ones who attack villages empty of soldiers.

The Sudanese army has participated in many wars and battles, and its record is well known. She fought valiantly while preserving military values.

The bad parts are good news that the sun of rebellion has escaped and the day of their defeat and expulsion has arrived.

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