Education Steps to open schools in the region

Lieutenant General Ahmed Al-Omda Badi, Governor of the Blue Nile region, informed of the ongoing arrangements to resume the school year in all schools in the region. This happened during his meeting in his office today with the Minister of Education, Ms. Fawateh Al-Nour. The meeting reviewed the measures taken to prepare for the resumption of the school year, first and foremost the evacuation and deportation measures of displaced schools through the formation of a committee responsible for preparing investigations and counting displaced people and schools attended. as accommodation centers for the displaced with a view to finding suitable alternative sites, and underlined the concern of the ministry to offer appropriate conditions to allow the children of the displaced to continue their educational journey, she mentioned the arrangements made as part of the preparations. the holding of the secondary school certificate examinations for the year 2023 AD by identifying all displaced students wishing to sit for the examinations in the region, and highlighted the measures that have been taken to prepare for the implementation of the plan for grouping teachers according to geographic locations at the level In the city of Damazin and rural areas, the Governor stressed the importance of resuming the school year and working to allow students to return to schools in the region, welcoming the ongoing efforts to stabilize the educational process in all schools in the region.

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