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*Denial is normal and expected, no one expects the UAE to condemn itself*

*The most significant condemnations came from the report of the United Nations Committee of Experts charged with monitoring the implementation of Resolution 1591*

*International Refugee Committee monitored exploitation of Emirates Red Crescent to cover arms transfer and warned of expulsion*

*The Congressional Foreign Affairs Committee submitted a report under review which includes facts indicating the involvement of the United Arab Emirates in supporting militias with weapons*,

*The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Reuters, the New York Times, German television… reports have documented the transfer of arms from the United Arab Emirates to Chad*

*Sudan does not accept or wish for the UAE to participate in supporting any process aimed at a permanent or temporary settlement, and rejects its participation in the Jeddah Platform*

On April 22, 2024, the UAE Mission to the United Nations categorically rejected what it called “false allegations” by Sudan's representative to the United Nations, Al-Harith Idris Al-Harith, regarding the involvement of Abu Dhabi in “any form of aggression”. and “destabilization” in his country.

This is according to a letter sent by the permanent ambassador of the United Arab Emirates, Mohammed Abu Shehab, to the presidency of the UN Security Council, in which he states that “al-Harith's allegations are unfounded. The Sudanese representative confirmed his country's refusal. participate with the United Arab Emirates in any settlement aimed at resolving the Sudanese crisis, accusing it of starting the war in the country by supporting the Rapid Support Forces, reminding the Council of a complaint it filed on March 29, 2024 AD, urging the Council to look at him,

The UAE said in the letter it released that it “categorically rejects the allegations made by the Sudanese representative to the United Nations, which are baseless, as they constitute an attempt to divert attention from the conflict and of the deterioration of the humanitarian situation resulting from the fighting. The letter stated that the allegations that the UAE was involved in the destabilization of Sudan and in providing military, logistical, financial or political support to any faction lacking reliable evidence to support it. It stressed that they were committed to respect the sovereignty of countries and not interfere in their internal affairs, pledging to work to support any process aimed at a permanent settlement reaching a national consensus to form a civilian-led government.

Denial is a natural and expected affair. No one expects the UAE to condemn itself, especially in a letter to the Security Council. They realize that the documents and facts of their conviction are included with the Council in the Security Council experts' report. The United Nations responsible for monitoring the implementation of Resolution 1591 regarding the arms embargo on Darfur. The UAE took advantage of the Emirates Red Crescent and used it as a cover to transport weapons as relief materials through Am Jars Airport in Chad. , and that for this reason it was condemned by the International Refugee Committee and warned against its exclusion from its members, and that the main Western newspapers and media (Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Reuters) (The New York Times, German Television, etc.) have published documented reports and testimonies on how the UAE supplied weapons to the Rapid Support Militia through Am Jars Airport in Chad. The Congressional Foreign Affairs Committee also submitted a report under review that includes facts and documents indicating the UAE's involvement in the rapid support. Militia,

The Sudanese army has repeatedly announced the seizure of Emirati-made weapons, or Serbian weapons supplied to the Emirates, or Israeli weapons reaching the militias via the Emirates, and the last of them cannot – may not have been the army's receipt of American weapons (Javelin Missiles), whose serial numbers and preambles indicate that they come from the Emirates. Weapons include launchers, long range artillery, Cornets, Tiger armored vehicles, Humvees, tons of ammo, Land Cruisers (Thatchers), machine guns, anti-aircraft. rifles, marches, jamming devices and cooked meals, in addition to providing a private plane to the militia commander (Hemedti), and financial facilities through companies based in the Emirates or Europe,

The UAE was not forced to get involved in this war since it was a coup d'état on April 15, 2023, and it was able to preserve its interests in Sudan without destroying it, including their unfair investments in (the port of Abu Amama, Al-Fashqa, Matar, Wadi Al-Hawad or the Atbara River), and it could have continued to monopolize gold exports at prices lower than those of the world market and participate in the administration of the country through the Hamdok government and its allies. the ministers of freedom and change, but it is greed, and (greed and what it combined), it is a happiness which has passed and will not return, it is the (Israeli-Zionist-Abrahamic) agenda, and (Hemedti), his militia and a group of his people are nothing more than a mere tool and fuel for a regional war against Sudan led and financed by the Emirates.

The UAE has spent hundreds of billions of dollars on its war in Sudan. It was enough to transform the Emirati desert into a green paradise, and it was enough to build a huge army capable of liberating the Emirati islands (Greater Tunb, Lesser Tunb and Lesser Tunb). Abu Musa), occupied by Iran for half a century, the Sudanese people will not accept and will not want the UAE to participate in their demands (supporting any process aimed at a permanent settlement reaching a national consensus for form a civil government). – the Sudan-led government completely rejects UAE participation in the Jeddah Platform (if it arises), or any other platform. The United Arab Emirates does not do this. You can kill the dead man and attend his funeral, and the sin is wrong.

April 24, 2024 AD

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