Encroachment of investments into the property of citizens of Titian ✍️ Khaled Abu Saleh

A very large sale of northern lands, including dry lands deep in the desert, in addition to agricultural lands along the Nile, for investment purposes! This argument is rejected by its authors, and the least that can be described is what happened under its shadow is a crime that deserves accountability and punishment! We are undoubtedly licking its bitterness and will continue to lick it constantly in the near and distant future!! It seems that the state in general and the Ministry of Investment or the Supreme Investment Council (I don't know which is more correct or which is responsible? Call it what you want) continued this crime and even attributed detailed laws to it that support this destruction!

And his misdeeds? Whatever the arguments and justifications put forward? Much more than its profits, we are like our son Titian for us as citizens, and it is absolutely unacceptable to call on investors who do us no service other than attacking our satisfaction, whatever that may be. the excuse !

There is no region in Sudan that has not been affected by falsification, sale and aggression under the same pretext, and perhaps we wonder from the point of view of contemplation and reason. .. What are the benefits for which a generous group of its people sacrificed their lives for the sake of an independent, promising and free Sudan? Has the leading group asked the citizen for their opinion on calling on investors who offer us nothing or selling their land in the same way as them? Or do you see that he doesn't see us as a people on this earth, and that we are, from his point of view, just a flock of sheep, following his desires wherever he takes us? Have the officials not read or learned about what happened to Palestine and other land sales? Have they not read and lived with the biography of Gamal Abdel Nasser, who fought to nationalize Egyptian assets and seize them from foreigners, including the Suez Canal, defying the whole world in the most daring stance and the most honorable one which was not a demonstration of his muscles. , its temptation, or its strength and brutality, but rather to establish the dignity and pride of its country and its citizens? Do you notice the difference in time and years between the nationalization in Egypt and the sale here in Sudan? We come to sell our land without supervision or responsibility! Where is the conscience that has died and become simple phrases that we shout in official speeches and popular demonstrations?! Does our government not believe that this issue deserves to be brought to public attention out of respect for us as human beings and for those who have the right to be the ones affected by the repercussions? of this dangerous process instead of selling behind closed doors?

The Ministry of Investment or the Supreme Council of Investment could not even agree on a specific name, sometimes council and sometimes ministry, so how by God can it manage investments in a country like Sudan?! This strange body (ministry or council) is just selling Sudanese land without any study or consideration of the consequences of this act, which rises to the level of responsibility and punishment in the harshest possible way! Everything this body has done? Ministry of Investment or Supreme Council of Investment? It enacts a strange and strange law (I have written about it in previous articles), completely removed from any scientific, professional, or even national methodology! We have not heard or seen any economic feasibility study with its known content prepared by this organization which demonstrates its knowledge and seriousness in the service of Sudan and its citizens! A ministry or council with this title should focus its initial tasks on preparing robust economic feasibility studies including marketing, technical, financial, economic, social and environmental feasibility studies, project sensitivity analysis and methods of repaying its loans and other detailed items, then present and promote them, and not sell the country's lands to others and issue (detailed) laws for this purpose without knowledge and thought! The result, as you see now, was that the country's lands were sold to others, right up to the border with Libya, and the country's inhabitants working as “laborers” on other people's farms became expatriate owners of money. that we have just seen here, and it contradicts all the meanings and implications of independence and dignity, and is considered a betrayal of those who paid with their lives and blood to elevate these meanings.

Some might say that the land sale process is carried out in accordance with the system of economic liberalization and the demands of privatization, which has been greatly harmed and in the name of which a number of crimes and disasters have been committed falsely and slanderously against the country and its citizens. We tell those that privatization is totally innocent of the pranks and transgressions that take place!! Even if we accept this, privatization has many aspects and methods, of which Sudan has only practiced sale, what is the last option in this policy and is reserved for institutions? We repeat and emphasize the word institutions? Their feasibility is hopeless, not the land, which is fixed assets and whose market values ​​continue to increase!! However, we will also accept this option (by assumption, not by conviction)!! Wouldn't it have been more profitable to rent (part of) the land at nominal or preferential prices (and not sell it), so that death investors (as we will mention in the second part of this article ) contribute to its reconstruction. and thus the State would benefit from the proceeds of the sale and avoid the costs of reconstruction? At the same time, it guarantees the independence and prestige of Sudan!

Have land prices in Sudan reached? Following sales operations carried out by the State? Unprecedented limits that far exceed land prices in the largest cities in the world, such as Manhattan, New York and others!! Didn't the officials ask the reasons? Has the mockery and denigration of a nation that fought and sacrificed everything for its independence reached this degree? Is there no break with the consciousness that is dead (and is satisfied with death)? And put an end to the painful and bitter pranks for which the Sudanese people are paying and for which future generations will pay double, without any sin or crime being committed?

Wake up, people of Sudan? And not just the north? Of your long nap so that a day does not come when you are kicked out of the houses in which you live. Stop this new colonialism and resist it. We tell those who buy these lands outside and inside Sudan, not to participate in these transgressions so as not to pay the price (double) later. You've seen some of the problems that have happened with others in other regions. no space to mention, and dear and (innocent) blood was shed for the inhabitants of these parts. By defending his land and the land of his ancestors, this blessed struggle will continue, and your stay on this land will not be long, no. no matter how long it takes or how long you live. The rest of the discussion takes place in part two regarding investment in murder.

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