Fairness towards the Ministry of Finance Al-Gadarif – It's not a secret – ✍️ Ahmed Babakir Al-Makabrabi

The year of life (and those days when we alternate between people). In this regard, I am talking about the Ministry of Finance in Gedaref, headed by the honorable professor Najat Ahmed Mohamed. She is one of the choices we know, with accumulated experience. in the management of financial affairs. She has accumulated experience that everyone attests to in the good management of public money in Gedaref, and she has worked. She has been in this position since about 2016, and she is still strong and trustworthy in managing the Ministry of Finance, and now she is working in exceptional circumstances, striving to meet the priorities of this stage, and she is still in constant movement to fill gaps based on priorities, and it strives to fill gaps in these current circumstances. , and the armed forces are fighting a battle for dignity to restore the homeland of terrorist rebel militias.

Professor Najat has worked to secure the state with the subsequent financial payments needed at this point, and she has a strong sense of security, so you find her biased towards spending priorities.

It is known that a large number of war-affected states have flocked to the state of Gedaref, working to provide all kinds of aid.

Stability for the expatriate brothers, and this translated into spending on accommodation centers with what was available, which we considered beyond any ambition.

Other aspects include development and partnerships with UNICEF to implement a number of development projects.

The states include a number of localities and the state, along with citizens' pensions, have worked to distribute a number of food baskets to state workers to reduce the burden of life. There is also the aspect of civil servant salaries. I have worked hard on this important aspect also with what is available and we know that salaries are in the first chapter, so it is an aspect that comes next from the federal government.

As for health, it worked to provide the state with all medical supplies, including life-saving medicines.

This was also done in these exceptional circumstances known to all, and the state is full of expatriates participating with citizens in all services, and this is of course an inherent right for them as Sudanese citizens. This is why I mention Brother Governor. a famous saying.

He addresses the roaring steps

Before the rescue, they chanted: “Fall.” He answered them: “And after the fall? We have only reaped ruin and destruction, Mr. Governor, I cannot explain, and you do not fail. »

I remind honorable readers that our pens are not for sale, but for fairness and the restoration of the rights of their people. May you always be well, Mr. Governor, and greetings to Professor Najat Raban, Ministry of Finance, Gedaref.

May you stay safe……

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