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What we have learned from those who came before us in the profession of journalism and inherited from those who came before us is that the journalist does not sell his pen, that his convictions do not waver for money or position , and that he lives in honor. he is of at least equal stature to the person to whom he addresses, whatever his position, and he does not exceed the limits of decency and respect.

We witnessed some of their actions and some of us took part in what they were doing: the late Mahjoub Muhammad Saleh… the late Rahmi Muhammad Suleiman… the late Omar Abdel Tam… the late Idris Hassan. .. Hassan Kifah… Youssef Al-Shanbali… and the evacuated teachers who are alive today. The journalist spends the night on the folds. He spends his day hungry, walking around in worn shoes and clothes where he can see flesh. below, and he only cares about getting the information he wants, even if he remains obsessed with the location and owner of the information all day and part of the night…

Farah Ambada was one of those who worked with me at the end of that period, after which the conditions changed and the scavengers, the pen sellers and those who paid spread, so they made draws, bastards and ugly acts in exchange for money. .

Farah Ambada, who was editor-in-chief of the newspaper Al-Sayha before the Janjaweed war, for its owner, Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo, sent me a few days ago his protest to the chairman of the board of directors of this newspaper after was published electronically, and the header was not changed or Farah's name was removed from the editor…

Farah, who sent this protest, refusing to put his name on a work in which he did not participate and for which he was not responsible, could have kept silent and asked for the amount demanded by the sellers of pens, sites Internet and websites, several times, but he is a journalist who was raised professionally and who grew up with the values ​​that he imbibed from those who preceded him…

You have shamed these people, Farah, if they are ashamed, and you have exhausted those who follow your path in this profession, which respects those who respect it and rejects those who make money from it. You have now spoken and the reader has spoken. of those who sold pens, positions, websites and platforms in various specializations and names and who still speak without shame about journalism and honor….

God was helping everyone

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