Farfara Al-Mazbouh – Al-Hassa Watan – ✍️ Ahmed Muhammad Al-Hassan Othman Shendi

I send a national salute to the people of my country who are steadfast in the embers of the cause, who are patient and high as the mountains, as they face a fierce war unleashed by the shameless hands of workers and mercenaries, using their losses horse, the rebel and terrorist militia of Hemedti.

Today, the war is in its final stages, after signs of victory have appeared on the horizon. Every day we hear of a new conquest, defeat, even crushing of the rebel forces invading the country of Sudan, after the mass arrival of mercenaries. beyond description, and the logistical support that the mind was unable to comprehend, hence the magnitude of the targeting of the global evil plan that wants to divide… Sudan has five states according to the map that was drawn.

But despite the defeats suffered by the rebel forces, the people of the plane are still striving by all means to revive his perishing body through support solutions and electric shocks with more mercenary forces and combat mechanisms , but we say to them: you are disappointed, the body of your rebellion has perished.

On the other hand, there are miserable attempts made by the political wing through the Paris Conference, which are shameless and try to embellish it with other civil parties, but they have not succeeded.

Today, a huge media war is underway, sometimes by resuming the negotiations in Jeddah, sometimes by trying to maintain internal discord between the components of society (popular resistance – brigades and citizens) against our armed forces and our services regular, to create a fracture. in the cohesion that was achieved through an epic written by history to protect and defend the land and identity, and at other times by spreading misleading news and false rumors to lower morale.

All this put together is nothing other than the massacred rebuke of the rebellion of Hemedti, who perished, and the shameless agents who wander around licking the shoes of their masters to give them or prevent them, like humiliating people without dignity.

Every morning there is joyful news and victory is won by every zealous patriot

On the other hand, sadness and defeat befall any traitorous agent who follows a hungry rebel awaiting death.

Victory for our armed forces, our regular services and the mujahideen with the most powerful weapon, which is the prayer which is accomplished on the ground with the determination of the men and the work of the heroes who drew the most powerful war epic. powerful in the world. the history of the Sudanese nation, and even of the whole world.

We ask God for victory and reimbursement for the purpose of our forces. Accept the urgent recovery of the injured. Free the captives in safety, O Lord of the worlds.

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