Federal Ministry of Commerce…. Collecting Money Without Receipts ✍️ Muhammad Othman Al-Radi

At a time when the Sudanese people are fighting with all their sectors in the battle of dignity against the rapid support militia, offering the finest examples of heroism and sacrifices.

The Sudanese people donated their lives and treasures to protect their lands and honor, and deducted their livelihoods and private funds to support the Sudanese armed forces.

After the outbreak of war in the national capital, Khartoum, all national institutions and all their employees moved to the administrative capital, Port Sudan, and began to carry out their functions.

Between May and November last year, huge sums of money were collected from suppliers as royalties on their goods without giving them financial receipts. This was done by some employees of the Ministry of Commerce from the capital, Khartoum.

Due to this behavior of employees of the Federal Ministry of Commerce, legitimate questions arise. Who gave them the right to collect this money without receipts??? Where does this money go??? What is the role of legal control??? Where is the accounting office???

The Sudanese people have the right to know the details of this money and how it is spent, because it is public money that belongs to all members of the people.

Mr. President of the Sovereignty Council, we call for the formation of a commission of inquiry composed of specialists in the field to look into this matter.

Mr. Federal Minister of Finance, Jibril Ibrahim, you are responsible for the management of public money and how it is disposed of. The law and financial regulations must be implemented and those who are negligent must be held accountable.

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