For you and for whom I send you, O Yusuf Abd al-Mannan, this is my word… the glory of the word – ✍️ Umm Waddah.

For the good of the country that I adore, in my response to Brother Youssef Abdel Manan's article, I will ignore all the insinuations and insults it contains such as (Who is the one who harasses you?) because he wants drag myself into a debate fueled by nervousness, regionalism, regionalism, and other needs that are known to those who know my pen and know his pen!?

But let Youssef Abdel Moneim know the truth of which I am proud, namely that the one who harasses me is the Sudanese who were going to be sold in the first Manama, the same Manama on which Youssef spoke in response to Dr. Muzamil Abu Al. -Qasim and said in an article kept in the archives that he contacted Kabashi's team and denied having fallen asleep and that he was in Port Sudan. He didn't leave his airport or his seaport, and if you had forgotten, Youssef, me. now I remind you, and this is the same Manama that attempts are currently being made to turn it around and circumvent it.

By well-known international parties who want the hand of Sudan and Al-Burhan, and I am waiting for them.

O Youssef Abdel Mannan, who incites me and harasses the families of the martyrs and their orphans, who only have shelter in a few dilapidated classrooms in schools that risk collapsing, who incites me and harasses the citizens whose money was stolen, whose dignity was insulted, whose honor was violated… whose homes were desecrated and pillaged?

The list of incitements to hatred for the good of the homeland is long, and perhaps there are those who you think are honorable or not, who have no interest in the return of the militia, its leaders and its media, which were paid by a grocer and others..

Oh Youssef Abdel Moneim, those who incite me are those who, holding the embers, defend the Sudanese people at the risk of their lives, and for them, we will not be fooled, and whoever prevents us will not prevent us from denouncing all those who manipulate Sudan. and the will of his people… and these are those who have on their neck the religion of loyalty, listening and obedience, not Al-Burhan, Al-Kabashi or anyone else …They are not infallible prophets who. don't make mistakes.

If all these people are instigating Umm Waddah, then who is instigating and harassing you to strive to disagree with me and respond to me and anyone who says the team name, Kabashi. Why do you disagree with me when you recognize the danger? which occurred at the first sleepover, which Hatab has previously denied (which Hatab has denied) and seeks to deny that there was a second sleepover. I do not carry out stoning without being seen, and for whose benefit should I do it? Why should I?

Youssef Abdel Mannan, you agree with me, and this is what your pen wrote. Manama's proposals were against the Sudanese people and the army, and therefore the army commander rejected them. It is more dangerous and more impudent than the cadre, and it is the ugliest goal an army commander can undertake, and yet I am harassed??

So answer, it is you who is trying to impose it again on the army commander by temptation or threat. Is this not the greatest betrayal of the country?

Youssef Abdel Manan, you should know if you don't know that there are now those who want to deceive Al-Burhan or force him, and when the man comes out and addresses the masses, he clearly says that Sudan will not give in not and that the army will not give in. This means that behind the scenes there is no pressure for him to give in and there is no illusion of the temptations he offers. The influential and dangerous lobby of Manama… Thank God their numbers are small, but they insist. attract and mislead the evidence.

They want to lead him to illusion and proof. He had previously rejected Manama as opening the door for him to leave the scene, and they canceled that condition and Manama adapted to Al-Burhan's measures and not his needs, so he will do it. accept it.

What I mentioned above about the coincidence of Manama with the American betrayal which is the basis of the exacerbation of the existing conflicts in the country through the draft resolution of the Congress confirms that the target of external exclusion in was the proof.

Ending declared targeting in Manama 2 means turning to unannounced targeting, which is the worst. This is a targeting revealed by the use of marches in safe areas by the militias.

During the marches that killed innocent citizens in Atbara, Al-Burhan was not targeted like his people, but rather he was targeted more harshly in order to force him to sign.

But, with the permission of God and the will of our people and our army, he has not submitted and will not submit.

And on our people who paid for the lukewarmness of this war, the internal conflicts and the betrayal lie in the convocation of the second Manama, of which I know the details, and I apologize if you are unaware of it, Youssef, as you were unaware of the first, and the plans continue and started, with the signing of the framework agreement, then the signing of Abu Tamamah, for Burhan's role to end, and then they prepare their plan to remove him from the stage . They then accuse Al-Baraa or someone else on the list of charges.

My defense, Youssef, of the army as an institution does not make leaders infallible, does not imprison my pen, nor does it intimidate me. The threats of those who sent you to answer me will not prevent me from stating the proof that you have made a serious error. and unjustified mistake with the return of Al Arabiya and the media event that promoted Plan Manama 2, which undermined the country's national security and proved that the country is more receptive to the outside world and its projects. How do you respond to advice from. the interior and its insistence on victory and stability? Defend whoever you want while you are harassed and let me denounce them and my people will rule between us. I thought you had Yusuf al-Siddiq in you, but from the region he was not killed. .Peace be upon you!?

Dear word

The team remained a battering ram, and I have no respect or appreciation for them. He calls me the armored vehicle, Umm Wadah, and it's a title I'm proud of. My title will remain an armored vehicle to defend my people, my family. , and my country, not to defend people.

Most expensive word

May God grant victory to our army and our people and defeat the Al-Daglo militia

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