Former Al-Ittihad goalkeeper Sinja (Ezzedine), the outstanding star, talks about his achievements and memories with Noreen Liston

The prominent football star (Ezzedine), former player of Al-Ittihad Sinja team, was born in the city of Sinja in 1944 AD. He is married and God has blessed him with six boys and girls. , and first played with the Al-Jazzarine team as an amateur. The first match he played with the Al-Ittihad Sinja team took place in 1963 AD. I was a goalkeeper without training, because I worked with my uncle (Al-Tayeb Al). -Awad) – may God have mercy on him – in his private affairs all day, and so I did not find the opportunity to train.. And the reserve goalkeeper (Abdul Rahman Hajana) was with me.. I have played with famous Sangjawi footballers, including: (Al-Rashid Muhammad Othman, known as Al-Rashid Quri, Noreen, Abdel Shakur, Mustafa Flanqati, Awad Mirghani and Salah Al-Hamedi.

An unforgettable match in my memory was the final match of the 1968 Cup between the Al-Ittihad team, for which I played as a goalkeeper, and the Nurses team. I arrived from Khartoum Plori and arrived in Sinja at a quarter to four. the match started at four o'clock in the afternoon. Due to my delay, the reserve goalkeeper (Abdul Rahman Hagana) arrived. But our brother (Mohamed Al-Nasri), sports manager of the Al-Ittihad club, insisted that I play the match anyway. my fatigue from the trip, so I played the match from the start of the first half, and (10) minutes after the start of the match, the match referee awarded a penalty in favor of the nurses team , so the outstanding player (Nureen) stepped forward to implement it, any goalkeeper would have feared him. This match was Noureen's first match after joining the Nurses team, and due to my close relationship with him, I spoke to him as he prepared to take the penalty. : “Oh Noureen, don't forget the salt and salt.” He laughed and threw the ball towards the goal, but I miraculously knocked it out of the net and with his force it fell above Al-Khawaja (. Dawanis) near Al-Labbakh Square, where The matches took place before the construction of the current Singa stadium. The match ended with Al-Ittihad winning, and in response, Dr. (Salah Abu Bakr), director of Singa Hospital at the time, transferred Noreen to Al-Mazmoum as a punishment for missing the penalty. This match marked the end of Noreen's football career, and since that day he has not entered Singa again, except on January 1st. important occasions. The truth is that Captain Noreen was the best player Sudanese football has ever seen. He played well with his feet. On Monday, he had a quick header and a good reading of the match and the opponent's movements. the team players.

One of the most notable players I saw was Al-Ittihad's top scorer Singa (Leston), famous for his powerful, unblocked, unanswered goals. In a match between Al-Ittihad and Al-Nile, he fired a quick, unanswered shot. a penalty as powerful as a missile, I only saw it collide with my hand, so I thought it was a brick and not a ball, and it almost broke my hand, it is entered the goal and I found myself. tightening the net with her. Among the outstanding players there was also a scorer from Kosti. He was playing with one of the main teams there and the match took place at Labekh Square in Sinja. He entered the match as a substitute. ten minutes, he scored five consecutive goals against our goal which I was guarding. And when he was alone with me, he would address me in a sarcastic tone: “His sister, you’re welcome, hero. So I told him: “His sister is on the right”, thinking that he was going to put her on the left of the goal, but he actually put her on the right of the goal according to my request.

I played with Al-Ittihad club from 1963 to 1996, after which I retired from football and was chosen as manager of Bata Shoe Company, Sinja branch, where I worked morning and evening. After that, I joined administrative work. at the Al-Ittihad club and graduated from football director, then club secretary, then president and president of the Sinja Football Association in the 1998-1999 season. Before that, I was a player of the Al-Marikh club and its president because I supported. Al-Marikh Club.

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