Friday Asmar – Edge of the sword – ✍️ Muhammad Al-Sadiq

0 After a successful and honorable participation in Sudan, she returned to the country yesterday, from Libya, Professor Hazar Abdel Rasoul, Federal Minister of Youth and Sports, after his participation in the Conference of Arab Ministers of Youth and Sports of the Sahel and Sahara Countries. Minister Hazar received a great welcome worthy of Sudan and its greatness, from the Libyan government and all the staff of the Sudanese embassy in Tripoli. As usual, Minister Hazar was able to steal the show through her interventions and the document she presented on the role of youth, entitled Sustainable Development in the Environment and Climate. On the sidelines of the conference, which was attended by eleven countries, Minister Hazar was at the center of the appreciated efforts and influential work with which she appeared at the conference and highlighted the role of Sudan in a striking manner, receiving the praise and appreciation from all participants. On the closing day, the Minister met with President Dabaiba, who graced the closing and delivered a heartwarming speech on Sudan, affirming their continued efforts to end the war in Sudan. Al-Dabaiba spoke to Minister Hazar in a good speech, which I will publish tomorrow, God willing, with many lights that marked the minister and left deep impressions in the minds of the people.

0 I was very satisfied with all the decisions issued by the Governor of the Northern State, Mr. Abdeen Awadallah, in particular the examination of the files of foreigners and their presence in the State, and that this should be done with the participation of all. security authorities. In my opinion, Governor Abdeen has addressed the most important issues that we have been calling for for years. Governor Abdeen, since assuming the responsibilities of the state, has personally followed all the works, given directives and met with his ministers to ensure follow-up on all files.

0 Yesterday, plane No. 18 from the sister state of Kuwait landed at Port Sudan airport yesterday, loaded with medical equipment, food, medicines, etc. We reiterate our thanks and praise to our brother Kuwait, which has always supported and supported Sudan.

0 America, which speaks and defends freedoms around the world, has had enough of some demonstrations by university students denouncing Israel's war against the defenseless Palestinian people, and the police have arrested a large number of students. This arrest demonstrated the hidden dictatorship of the superpower called the lady of the world!!!

0 I learned yesterday that the brother, governor of North Kordofan State, had held a meeting with the local football federation and clubs in the presence of several ministers, headed by Mr. Abdel Muttalib Abdel Mutal, Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture. and information. The governor announced the approval of the International Federation (FIFA) to make a decision regarding the rehabilitation of the White Stadium, or Shikan Castle, as some like to call it, as well as the rehabilitation of the Olympic Stadium. This news made El Obeid City supporters happy. The governor and Minister Abdel Muttalib thanked the Sudan Football Federation and the local federation for the appreciated efforts made. It is known that Al-Abyad Stadium was built according to international specifications and the conditions set by FIFA. Congratulations on this great achievement.

0 Two days ago, I spoke about Ambassador Muhannad Ajabna, Charge d'affaires of the Sudanese Embassy in Riyadh, and praised the great efforts he is making to facilitate all residents' transactions Sudanese in the Kingdom. Our conversation was not born out of courtesy and the numerous compliments we received from various acquaintances, entities and relationships are sufficient. I say this in confirmation of the efforts of the brother ambassador. But unfortunately, we learned yesterday that there was a fight inside the embassy and among a crowd of residents, the hero of which was a man and his wife who attacked a woman who was also in the embassy to carry out a transaction, according to the story. Certainly, this is unacceptable and rejected in its entirety, because the embassy is not an arena of conflicts or an arena of problems, and the embassy must be respected as the staff and home of Sudan. What happened, Brother Ambassador, should not go unnoticed. Controls must be put in place at the entrance to the embassy and security must be put in place to monitor anyone who dares to create problems on the embassy premises, especially since the law of the country d welcome and the host country is respected. This hospitable country does not allow such acts, which must be resolved by law and police stations.

0 The armed forces impose a tight siege on the Al-Jili refinery, where one of the Rapid Support leaders surrendered to the army. I believe that the same radio scenario will repeat itself in my generation, and perhaps during the day, God willing, we will hear good news.

0 Mr. Al-Baqir Okasha, Minister of Culture and Information in charge of the Northern State, is making a lot of effort to advance the media and show all the excellent work being done by the state. Undoubtedly, any action without media and information is not felt by the people, especially since the media is no longer the fourth authority as it was called, but the first authority.

And tomorrow, Sudan, you will grow up.

Stay higher and stay cooler

0 Tomorrow, God willing, we will continue if there is any remaining life. And the God of intention behind it.

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