Gedaref Banks…a medal of achievement – from the top of the podium – ✍️ Yasser Al-Qadni

The meeting that took place between the Acting Governor of Gedaref State and the Directors of Banks in Gedaref State, organized and led by the Bank of Sudan, revealed useful information that everyone should have on the efforts deployed by most banks here to serve the people of the state, whether it is the financing of the previous agricultural campaign and certain projects, in other areas of services, the meeting revealed a wealth information that we did not know and which was completely absent.

34 banks in the state of Gedaref, of which 24 are located in the city of Gedaref and the rest are distributed among its different cities. These banks can be described, despite the difficult economic conditions, as being made up of (Fesikh Sorbet)!! Service, performance and achievements, she financed farmers in the previous campaign with huge funding. For the first time, the Nile Bank received the lion's share of such a huge proportion, and most banks also participated in this important national financing. work so that the agricultural season results in gains from which the farmer and the State would benefit from their income.

What pleased me is that most of these banks have decided to increase their financing for the agricultural campaign this year, despite the fact that there are still difficulties and (distress)! By recovering the public money from which the farmer benefited, the recovery rate has not yet reached more than 80% among all the banks which financed it.

Gedaref farmers must commit to repaying the financing they owe in order to maintain their financial situation for the next season, because the previous agricultural season, despite war conditions, was a success in all respects except in some areas, and in order to To preserve the continuity of this service which these banks have been advised to do, the banks must follow the banks' method. The agricultural sector buys their crops at profitable prices so that the banks can recover their money in kind.

Gedaref Banks were the first to sit on the throne of distinction in this promising state. Perhaps their annual report revealed service achievements that qualified as national, but the media machine to reflect these achievements was very weak compared to the volume of work. A common media mechanism must be created among all banks to reflect these achievements on the ground, and do not waste your efforts on weak media. Thank you, Governor of Gedaref, for you have nourished our spirits. the scale of this work, which deserves to be applauded. Thank you, Bank Directors of Gedaref, you deserve the Medal of Achievement and you are fighting to revive the economy of this country and increase its income. Your weapon is to support production and producers. . And to you from me…. Peace be upon you.

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