Gedaref.. government and people – Whale spine – ✍️ Yasser Muhammad Mahmoud Al-Bishr

*The bleeding wound that the city of Sinja suffered on June 30, 2024, Fouad emptied Sinja and its surrounding villages, Halal and Furqan of its inhabitants and residents, and began major displacement operations, such as the state of Sinnar had never experienced before. Displacement operations with open options. Displacement operations whose compass is the direction in which you go in search of survival in spirit after the militia suffered ravages, looting and looting since the first hour of the attack on Sinja. , and the displacement here comes in search of security, especially since the homeland has heard and seen the violations practiced and are practiced by the heavy support militia in villages and cities, including rape, assassinations and other atrocities. unfold towards the unknown*.

*Thousands of displaced families from Sinja city and its surroundings decided to move to Gedaref State, not because Gedaref is geographically closest to Sennar State, but rather because it is closest to Sennar consciousness and the general atmosphere there is relaxed. Waves of displaced people began to arrive in Gedaref State. It is not only the capital of the state, but most of the major cities and villages of Al-Halal and Al-Furqan, especially next to Sennar State, on the southwestern border of Gedaref State, but Gedaref city takes the lion's share of the number of displaced people, and although the events in Sinja were unexpected, it was also not expected that such a large number of displaced people would arrive in Gedaref in a state that most people cannot imagine. Pessimism and displacement have equated the rich with the poor, and the displaced have become equal in terms of needs and wants, and no voice has risen above that of suffering*.

* Gedaref State opened its heart before its doors, and official and popular organizations rushed to provide aid and assistance to the displaced persons of Sennar State. The strength of the people of Gedaref and the benevolent people appeared, who provided food and clothing. Free clinics were opened to receive the sick of these displaced persons. It can be said that Gedaref State, both from the popular and official side, provided everything possible, but this is beyond its capabilities and the urgent intervention on the part of the state. The center is necessary because the suffering is still present and the cases of displacement continue and there is no longer any establishment or government institution without displaced persons being accommodated there, knowing that the sky of Gedaref is bright in autumn and it rains. increases the suffering of the displaced persons*.

*The citizens and people of Gedaref and its government do not ask for thanks from the people of Sennar for their generous position, nor for punishment, nor do they wish to talk about their position. However, what Gedaref has provided so far. is beyond the capacity of emergency situations, and it can be said that Gedaref has received 50% or more of Sudanese generosity and good reception and hospitality, even if the houses are filled to capacity with displaced people, the capacity of the souls of the Sudanese. The people of Gedaref can accommodate all the displaced people from Sennar State, and great hope remains for the liberation of the city of Sinja soon and very soon and for the return of its population as soon as possible. There is no comfort for anyone except. home, home and family*.

Half a fork

*Thank you very much to the people and government of Gedaref State for the warm welcome and generous hospitality. This is not strange to you and to you, and may God weigh the scales of your good deeds on the day when neither wealth nor children will be. advantage.*

A quarter of a fork

*And the voice of the people of Sinja repeats (We will return to you, Sinja, we will return), even if the journey is long amidst a sea of ​​forced displacement*.

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