Gedaref is coming (walk and come tomorrow) – It's not a secret – ✍️ Ahmed Babakir Al-Makabrabi

A common expression in the corridors of the Ministry of Infrastructure in the Gedaref territories.

(Walk and come tomorrow)

It is known to the public that the Ministry of Planning and Infrastructure is a service ministry, concerned with its many departments, but now my speech is about

Land in particular: many general managers are sanctioned for managing land

However, the services were below the required level in terms of speed of execution of procedures. Some procedures are slow in the literal sense of the word. Hundreds of citizens can come to the ministry just for simple procedures that require the energy of employees. of the various departments of the ministry. However, in most cases, we find the phrase (Come and come tomorrow) on the lips of certain land employees. She is rarely called naive, and the citizen reluctantly accepts her and is often followed. with a slight yellow smile, also followed by a smile.

The citizen is stifled and has nothing to force the employee to complete his procedures

He accepts it naively and meekly, hoping that his dream will come true by completing procedures that only take a few minutes, knowing that there are citizens who have been attending the ministry for years, some of whom have died and others who are waiting . To date, in my opinion, this is not a good thing, because there are hidden hands that control the turtle of procedures. It may be known, or it may be subtle, known to some and ignorant to many.

But to witness to God, procedures in Gedaref Municipality are only completed with lightning speed if the required documents and attachments are present.

The governor has done well by carrying out deep surgery in this regard and appointing the right person to the right place. We also hope that the relevant commercial sales authorities will hasten to finalize the commercial sales files in the near future, without interruption, in order to ease the burden of the poor citizen who visits the ministry and returns broken-hearted without having completed or achieve a notable achievement.

My greetings and congratulations to the Director General of Lands of Gedaref, and my greetings to the Governor, and we hope to follow up on all the ministry's files which are frozen indefinitely.

Be careful…..

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