Gedaref State Health Insurance Launches Japanese JICA Subsidy Estimated at (400) Billion

The National Health Insurance Fund of Gedaref State launched the Japanese JICA subsidy, 72% of which was allocated to Gedaref State, due to the state's absorption of the largest number of expatriates .

Director of State Health Insurance Dr. Muhammad Salah al-Din said that the grant contains (101) items in estimated and sufficient quantities, and includes medicines for chronic diseases and antibiotics, in addition medicines for blood-related diseases. transfusions, which are distributed to the blood bank in coordination with the Ministry of Health, at a cost of (400) billion.

Dr. Muhammad also added that the grant also includes medical devices and equipment, laboratory equipment and laboratory solutions.

He confirmed that this grant will be distributed at the level of the locality of Al-Gadarif, Al-Jamhuriya, Mohamed Tom, Al-Faw health center, Al-Hawata health center and Al-Shouk health center Al-Janobi.

An electronic system has also been assigned to distribute the drugs to ensure that they reach the real target.

The Dr noted. Muhammad stressed that these medicines include all insured and uninsured citizens, as well as residents of Gedaref State and those arriving from other states.

He promised to cover all the medical needs of the state.

He also confirmed that Gedaref State Health Insurance purchased medicines worth 300 billion.

It should be noted that Gedaref State Health Insurance did not stop carrying out its functions and worked under complex circumstances to provide its services to citizens.

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