Gentlemen…. Pay attention – from the top of the podium – ✍️ Yasser Al-Fadni

After the defeats it suffered, the militia and its political incubator became like a mouse fallen into an inn!! She seeks by all means to make gains. The Paris Conference is an image, a form and an object made of materials (cotton candy)!! The vision was the militia attack on El-Fasher, its fall and the declaration of the state of Darfur during the conference to receive the international response through the call of the Paris Conference, but it failed and a counterattack was launched against them, putting them in a dilemma. So the plan is largely grandiose, and every day new facts emerge and they don't hold up so much that the pockets swell every time from illicit money, and he who tastes forbidden honey licks it once and then . again, then falls inside (Janbulg)!!

Be careful with certain neighboring countries, notably Chad and Ethiopia. Chad remains a crossing point for support for militias who enter through its territory in exchange for dirhams to line the pockets of Kaka, who has proven to be the most failed African president in its history. power when (Sumbala)! And the greatest dictator who dominated a division, and every time he got rid of his opponents, France wanted to use him as a paw to worsen the situation in Sudan after losing most of the countries in the African Ocean that she had colonized indirectly. guardianship, leaving him only the Kaka of Chad and the countries of central Africa. France has declared its hostility to Sudan by establishing a conference for slackers, men and women, in Paris, in an apparent move that its government does not recognize. of Sudan. We must do the same, and we must not bury our heads in the sand, and our ambassador must be expelled.

Gentlemen, the weevils are still gnawing at the joints of this country in the civil service and in some other institutions, and this is still the case in the executive apparatus of the State, including (between or between)! There is still someone who smiles during the day and bares his fangs at night and puts poison in the fat, and quarrels and quarrels still exist, who takes off the shirt of the state and its directives and says that he represents himself for ruin. of their government in which they find themselves externally. There are disappointments if the newborn comes out of his grave and sees him… For a young man!!

O leaders: The era of weakness and loneliness has ended in this era in which the theory of survival of the fittest has taken root and ground. The one who slapped you (with the sponge, Adiho, with the boot) and the one who gave you a contemptible. hand with a double construction), this country was only lost by bowing under the fire of the global enemy, not responding to it, and throwing a political smile, this country is not lost except for agents who move from one country to another. another and declare their workers in the subcontracting system. Sudan is the only country that monitors those of its own people who stab its back. There is no such behavior in any other country. It's a strange world. . Donia!!.

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