Government Land Protection Agency meets with Executive Director

The Executive Director of Al-Dabba locality, Mr. Mohamed Saber Mohamed Ahmed, met today in his library, and the Administrative Director, Mr. Al-Hassan Ibrahim, met with the Human Rights Protection Agency. government lands, which was established to protect government lands from engineering, environmental and health violations and encroachment on lands, public roads and squares. It is made up of representatives from the legal and regulatory bodies of the Bureau of Agriculture, Surveying, Planning and Lands. agency and how to apply and implement laws

The executive director explained the importance of this agency in the recovery of these lands, praising the competence of its staff and promising to eliminate all the obstacles it will face until the agency fulfills its role. assigned.

Captain Ali Kamal Ali, Head of the Land Protection Agency, also expressed his gratitude and thanks to the Executive Director for showing good faith in him and entrusting him with this task. He stressed that they will work in perfect harmony to implement all regulations and laws. until all violations are removed, indicating that work will begin in the coming days.

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The Administrative Director spoke, saying that a large number of government lands have been encroached upon, indicating that all efforts must be made and managed under the spirit of one team until they are restored to the benefit of the government.

The rapporteur of the Territorial Protection Agency also congratulated the personalities representing the agency, wishing them success in this difficult mission. She explained:

The objectives and powers of the Government Land Protection Agency are to develop plans and policies to protect government lands and to lay the foundation for the prevention and elimination of violations.

Its competences also include establishing the necessary rules to prevent, eliminate and monitor violations in accordance with current legislation.

Participants emphasized that the removal would take place immediately, that there would be no exceptions and that they would be the same distance from everyone.

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