Government Secretary Receives Director General of White Nile State Local Government Office

Mr. Ahmed Al-Jaali, Secretary General of the White Nile State Government, met this afternoon in his office with Mr. Hammad Abdullah, Director of the new local government office. The meeting covered a number of topics related to the work of. the Office and its role in locating local government and managing units, localities, private and community administrations, and relevant committees.

The meeting discussed how to manage administrative and local work within the state, and Al-Jaali highlighted the development of plans to qualify administrative agents. To learn more about their role in streamlining local government

They are in the process of qualifying and promoting a number of officers who spent their youth serving the local government, appreciating the role of the state government in facilitating the work of the office.

Furthermore, Mr. Hammad Abdullah thanked the Secretary General of the Government for the meeting and his support.

By assigning a role to the office, which is the most important condition for administrative work and service delivery, appreciating the role of the governor in promoting the work of the local government office.

Hammad promised to implement all the demands of the state government at this stage, namely active participation in the battle for dignity, victory of the armed forces and overcoming difficulties related to the consolidation of local government.

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