Governor Dr. Abu Qarun inaugurated a party at Atbara Airport. This is why the Aseel group supports national projects!

Confirmed Dr. Muhammad Al-Badawi Abdul Majid Abu Qarun, Governor of Nile, said that Atbara Airport will become the model airport nationwide after being optimally rehabilitated. This happened during the speech and inauguration of the Grand Mosque for the expansion and rehabilitation of the Grand Mosque. Atbara airport in the presence of regular forces, security committee, members of the state government, trade unions, corporations, economic institutions, banks and businessmen, he underlines. Abu Qarun stressed that the airport is a real addition to the state's economy. The governor commended the citizens of the state for their contribution to the airport rehabilitation project and highlighted the contribution of local businesses, factories and banks. , national institutions and citizens of the State in the countries of the diaspora to support the rehabilitation, he underlined, for his part, engineer Salah Ali Karkaba, Minister of Production and Economic Resources of the State, Chairman of the Supreme Committee for the Rehabilitation of Atbara Airport. expressed joy at the response of all in the State to its efforts and the participation of the sectors, indicating that the airport serves the entire State and the country, stressing that the Supreme Committee will continue the financial effort and support until the project sees the light of day. light soon, and engineer Abdel Wahab Ahmed, director of Atbara Airport, said that the rehabilitation of the airport has its consequences, examining the project and seeking to develop it from the technical and safe. The Aseel Group initiated its effective contribution to the rehabilitation of Atbara Airport, where engineer Mohamed Abdel Hamid, director of the Nile sector, explained that the contribution of the Aseel Group comes from a national duty towards the country which is currently suffering from the war, indicating that the national group support for the armed forces is considered an obligation in this critical stage that the country is going through, welcoming the efforts of the Nile government and its attempt to adopt this side that it supports in Sudan and in the state in which the group participated. Al-Nafra with a high-ranking delegation including engineer Khaled Abdullah, workshop manager of the group, who expressed his joy for their participation in this major national project.

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