Governor Nile, addressing the opening ceremony of the Parenting Clinic in Kannur, confirms that the state is strongly moving towards developmental projects and services and praises the generosity of the citizen of Kannur.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Badawi Abdul Majid Abu Qarun, appointed Governor of Nile, praised the people of Kannur at home and abroad and their effective contribution through popular effort in building many institutions and service facilities. addressing the opening ceremony of the Parents' Dispensary in Kannur, with the participation and presence of Major General of the Human Rights Police Salman Muhammad Al-Tayeb, Director of the State Police, and Dr. Ahmed Majzoub, Minister of Health of the State, Mr. Hassan Ibrahim Karrar, Executive Director of the Berber locality, members of the security committee of the Berber locality, leaders and symbols of the Berber sector of the south, and a large group of citizens.

The Governor emphasized that Knorr has provided the model and example in voluntary and charitable work and grassroots effort, stressing that Knorr has provided the country and the state with many leaders who have made effective contribution in various fields and are distinguished by their broad horizons and brilliant thinking. He distinguished the man of righteousness, kindness and benevolence, Babakir Al-Rifai, who made the greatest contribution to the construction of the dispensary, as well as all those who participated in the creation of this health building , of the inhabitants of the region at home and abroad. Mr. Governor added that what we saw today is a hospital project in terms of staff, equipment, appliances and buildings. He called for the need to transform the clinic into a rural hospital that serves the population. The entire region and neighboring areas affirmed that the process of development and services of the state is progressing strongly despite the challenges and circumstances that the country is going through, as a number of six major hospitals have been opened during previous days. as well as the opening of a number of health centers, in addition to what happened this year in the production and agriculture sector in terms of increased areas and high productivity, in plus the establishment of many large factories in the state after… If the state becomes an investment destination, at the end of his speech, the Governor announced his full commitment to filling the gaps in the dispensary and his support, as well as the commitment to build the police station in the region in cooperation with the Berbers. locality and the state police, in addition to solving the water problem in the region thanks to the Chinese subsidy for the construction of water wells using solar energy.

For his part, Dr. Amal Ahmed Majzoub, Minister of Health of the State, confirmed that the opening of this dispensary is a real addition to the health sector of the State, and indicated that the dispensary is their policy location of care in the region. , especially since the dispensary includes the latest diagnostic equipment.

Mr. Hassan Ibrahim Karrar, executive director of the Berber locality, expressed his great joy at the opening of this giant building and praised the efforts and initiatives of the South Berber sector and the Greater Kannour region in all areas. areas and promised the opening of many development projects and service projects in the locality in the coming period, God willing.

Mr. Taj Al-Sir Othman, on behalf of the administrative committees of the South Berber and Greater Kannur region, Mr. Omar Sir Al-Khatm, on behalf of the citizens and people of the region, and Dr. Mojtaba Muhammad Ahmed , the medical director of the dispensary, spoke at the celebration. They reviewed in detail the issues and concerns of the area and the needs of the dispensary, emphasizing the strong stance of the people of Kannur towards the armed forces, which provide menstruation supplies. of the homeland, the land and the honor

During the celebration, the governor, the state's Minister of Health, the man of righteousness and goodness Babiker Al-Rifai and a number of people who contributed to the establishment and construction of the dispensary been honored.

Note that during the celebration, samples of certificates were distributed to health personnel who participated in the advanced training course at the dispensary.

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