Governor Nile meets with the Director of Passport and Immigration, and the meeting focuses on expanding work in the state and expediting the completion of the passport factory in the state.

Following the meetings led by Dr. Muhammad Al-Badawi Abdul Majid Abu Qarun, Nile Governor in charge of Port Sudan, he met with Police General Othman Dinkawi, Director of the Passport and Immigration Police of the country, in the presence and participation of Lieutenant General Musa Shara, Supervisor of the Nile and Northern Police Department, and a number of leaders of the Passport Police.

Mr. Governor expressed thanks and appreciation to the Passport Police for their interaction with the State and for their work in establishing a passport factory in the River Nile State, which is a veritable addition to the State, reduces the burden and helps alleviate the suffering of citizens. and make his task easier, Mr. Governor highlighted the great role of the police, in particular the passport police, Mr. Governor spoke of the state plan that he is pursuing to expand and rehabilitate the airport of Atbara, which requires providing to the State. more cadres working in the passport police to help advance the work at the airport after its operation soon, God willing, the governor called for the need for close coordination between federal and state agencies and agencies to legalize the foreign presence, which is considered a. threats to the security of the country. The governor reiterated his commendation for the distinguished performance of the Nile State Police and the significant and appreciated efforts it is making in coordination with the state security agencies to maintain security and stability in the 'State.

On his part, Major General Othman Dinkawi, Director of Immigration and Passport Police, welcomed the visit of Mr. Governor, commending the cooperation of the state government under the leadership of Mr. Governor with the passport police, notably in the creation of a passport factory. In the state, and M. There is great pressure on Port Sudan in light of the great rush to obtain passports from all parts of Sudan. The Director of the Passport Police confirmed their full cooperation with the state, especially in supporting the state's efforts. expand and develop Atbara Airport as it is one of the important ports and its effective contribution to the exports and imports of the state. He announced his full commitment to complete the work of the passport factory on time, the work will begin soon, God willing.

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