Greetings from Sudan to Egypt, Sinai Liberation Day – Something for the Homeland – ✍️ Mr. Salah Ghariba

On April 25, the day of the liberation of Sinai, a symbol of victory and steadfastness, and a symbol of authentic Arab unity, on this glorious occasion, the Sudanese community residing in Egypt wishes to express its warmest congratulations and blessings to the great people Egyptian. on the occasion of the Day of the Liberation of Sinai, this precious land which represents a symbol of struggle and effort, for the sake of freedom and dignity, the liberation of Sinai is a great historical achievement which embodies the firmness of the Egyptian people and their greatness. sacrifices and expressed their firm desire to recover their lands and protect their sovereignty.

In Sudan, we share with you the joy of this holiday and we cherish the close historical relations between our two brotherly countries. We appreciate Egypt's role in supporting and assisting Sudan in various fields. and Egypt constitute a solid basis for strengthening common cooperation in all areas, in a way that serves the interests of the two brotherly countries and peoples.

On this glorious day, we send our greetings and gratitude to Egypt's political, executive and legislative leaders for their continued efforts to preserve the unity of Sinai, develop it and ensure the well-being of its people. We also express our sincere thanks. and our gratitude to the valiant Egyptian armed forces, who wrote an immortal epic in the history of the struggle with the blood of their sons for the liberation of Sinai, and let us not forget the participation of the Sudanese army in these wars and to the front brigades. , which we heard about when we were young.

Sinai Liberation Day is an opportunity to highlight the importance of Arab unity, and we emphasize the need to work hard to strengthen and activate it, in a way that serves the interests of the Arab nation and realizes its hopes and ambitions, and confirms that Sinai is a precious part of the land of Egypt and the land of Arabism.

We wish Egypt and its people further progress, prosperity and happiness, under the wise leadership of President Abdel Fattah El-Sis, a happy new year, glory and dignity.

The Sudanese community residing in Egypt

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