Group of paralysis.. The nightmare of the Janjaweed in Omdurman – Pen and Bullet – ✍️ Mr. Awal Suhaib Ezzedine

I asked someone what is the reason for the name paralysis? He replied: “Wherever they go, they paralyze the supporters, make them suffer and aggravate their injuries. »

The Battle of Karama, by its nature, complexity and tactics, is a new war against the Sudanese army, but the reason for this is due to the professionalism of the army, its determination and the guarding of this country during more than a century without even the rebellion. think about entering and staying in a remote locality in any border or peripheral state (and without you, Heglig and her sisters, who were forcibly liberated. Within days, the armed forces fought off the rebellion and l have confined the population of the remote mountains and swamps of the south, which forced certain groups and armed movements to flee to neighboring African countries when the soil of this dear country became narrow to them, and thank God, then the Sudanese army.

This battle is the result of an internal betrayal and rebellion that began inside the neighborhoods, citizens' homes and civilian properties, with the help of some weak souls from those same houses, which resulted in made the battle extremely complicated at first.

All this was a reason to think outside the box and, as everyone knew, the fertility of the Sudanese military mentality and its innovation according to the demands of the situation, in addition to the amount of theoretical studies that its leaders receive at the 'school. different levels, which gives it the flexibility to break out of traditional battle management patterns with new methods and limited capabilities and what is available.

All this produced for us (paralyzed) a group of special task forces from the ranks of our armed forces, recruited and trained, who played an undoubted role in military operations in the Omdurman region, and who had their part in the success of a number of major actions, which were victories that brought joy to all Sudanese homes and hearts.

These heroes were at the forefront of most forward attack forces in reconnaissance and sweeping, and if they fought back, they returned to their beloved pastime of combat work and operations special ones, and they had proven missions and tours.

As we have mentioned in previous articles, documenting military operations and commenting on them during events is a sensitive issue and requires deliberation, but let's not forget that what we are writing now are the headlines of the events, subjects, sacrifices and memories, which will be recounted and examined in their smallest details whenever the circumstances of the battle permit and when the efforts of our soldiers are crowned with victory, which draws closer and closer.

It is a word of thanks and praise that we consider boring and lukewarm compared to what these heroes gave, who had nothing in common except love for this country and their desire to see him safe and reassured, whatever the cost. We ask God to grant them success and accept their martyrs and protect those who remain among them, who can remain dear in a dearer homeland.

May God have mercy on the martyrs… heal the wounded… restore the missing

Pride, nobility and invincibility for our valiant armed forces

*Armed Forces Journal, Confidentiality of name, Universality of values*

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