Haganah forces and other regular agencies in North Kordofan and the victories of restoring reputation

#Cooperation with Al-Abyad militia in the initial investigation: I am a minor (13 years old) and I was forcibly raped and I am seven months pregnant…

# The Hagana Um Rish and other regular forces in North Kordofan are expected to receive the Medal of Merit in (wartime) from the Commander-in-Chief of the Sudanese Armed Forces.

### The victories in the battles, of course, are those of the Haganah and the regular forces who fight alongside them, shoulder to shoulder, in white. We have become accustomed to it and it is a source of our pride and pride. this is not a real surprise, because the real surprise is how the collaborators, both men and women, were arrested in the western districts and the communication cords with them were cut. The militia is early and the eyes of intelligence, security, police and police have been cut off. private action will continue to monitor, monitor and study the identity of those who sit in markets and in the shade of trees and drink coffee, tea, fenugreek, (arq) and harijul.

Written by: Al-Zein Kandowa

_ Today, Sunday, April 21, 2024, the forces of the Sudanese Army (Haggana Army or Resh SAS), forces of the General Security and Intelligence Service, anti-terrorism forces and police forces in all their departments carried out a large attack on the remaining Rapid Support Forces militias stationed west of Al-Obeid, with the motive of occupying (the town of The Bride) by fulfilling false dreams in the delusional belief that it is possible to dismantle Sudan through the occupation of Al-Abyad.

_ According to reports, the rebel military force has fully prepared and prepared the equipment to invade Al-Obeid, and at this point, the militia has painstakingly arranged its return to the scene after completely losing its political project in Sudan. He strove in various ways to win over his supporters locally, regionally and internationally, and so he coordinated with his sleeper cells who provided him with all the information, and even plotted routes to that it reaches El-Obeid airport, the government. secretariat, the command of the Fifth Infantry Division, Al-Hajjana Umm Rish, and even the strategic trenches, and it was five thirty in the morning on Sunday morning, corresponding (April 21, 2024) to zero hour for the invasion of El-Obeid, with the help of collaborators, however, the vigilance of the leadership of the Military Intelligence Authority of the Fifth Infantry Division and the precise security information collected by the police, intelligence and members of the Service general security and intelligence, and all those who were concerned with the security and defense of the country, were present and thwarted the militia's plan, and the male and female collaborators of the militia were arrested very early, and among them, a young girl was arrested according to available information, and she was found pregnant in her seventh month according to her statement during the initial investigation, and she revealed that she is (a minor of 13 years old) and that She forcibly cooperated with the militia and was subjected to forcible rape, and she is now in her seventh month pregnant.

_ According to eyewitnesses, one hour before zero hour set by the militia, they were searched, and before that, communication between them and their cells and sources was cut by arresting them, and during direct clashes they suffered heavy losses among them They fled, including deaths and injuries, because they did not expect the attack. They attempted to bypass the eastern part of El Obeid with seven combat vehicles, but they were completely defeated and fled.

– In my opinion, the astonishment is not to achieve victory, because victory has become the order of the Haganah and other regular forces who participate with them in the battles shoulder to shoulder in white, but the The real surprise is that all or most of the sleeping cells and collaborators, male and female collaborators of the militias in the western neighborhoods, have been arrested, which means that all the armed forces of North Kordofan have their eyes on all enemies, whether they carry a weapon or collaborate with information more dangerous than weapons. , and perhaps the method of arresting some of the collaborating elements, whether from homes or from the public highway, confirms that the information available is very correct and precise, which means to say: those who cooperate in the neighborhoods , the shops and squares, and those sitting under the shade of lush trees for fahwah soup, tea and harajal, with the tasteful women The group (see you soon), there is danger in your feet , so beware.

_I believe that the victories achieved by the Haggana forces, Um Reesh Balabis, and all our other regular forces in Sudan, is a victory that confirms that our army is a professional Sudanese army that works according to well-thought-out strategic strategies. war plans that know exactly when to (hold their breath) operate military force in the trenches, and know exactly when (to let go of the reins). He attacks and wins the battle with minimal losses. This confirms all northerners. Cordofan, you are all under the microscope and it is necessary to pay attention to you, but (it's only a matter of time).

_ In addition to statistics on the number of militia vehicles carrying heavy weapons that were completely destroyed during the Haganah dawn attack west of Al-Obeid, and other vehicles that were received in full, and the number of dead, wounded and prisoners… Etc., but I understand these victories in the context where the armed forces and other regular forces (the police with all their departments, the security apparatus and the general intelligence) remains (the backbone of the Sudanese state and its protector), so weakening and abusing it is not at all in the interest of the nation, as the beloved Al-Sadiq warned Al-Mahdi. May God have mercy on him when he repeatedly warned the members of the Forces of Freedom and Change. (the Central Council and the Resistance Committees) so as not to insult the regular agencies and create hostilities with them, while the militants repeated the saying (It's okay, it's okay, we don't have an army ) and the saying (The army is the army of the Kizan), as well as the saying of Kandaka Jat Police Grey) and so on, very hurtful remarks, and the aim of which was to assassinate the morale of these agencies, and to assassinate the personality in particular of the great officers of the army in preparation for its dismantling. In my opinion, these expressions are not isolated from the overall plan to remove the Sudanese people from their army in preparation for its dismantling (nut, bolt). intentions in the draft framework agreement.

_ I imagine that what all our numerous armed forces (in white), led by the Haganah or Resh Sass of the Army, did at dawn on Sunday, April 21, 2024, is a great work for which the Medal of Merit in (time of war) should be awarded by the Commander-in-Chief of the Sudanese Armed Forces, and that due to its planning, implementation and defeat of the enemy by winning all battles, this act is seen as silencing the tongues of those who doubt the capabilities of our Sudanese Armed Forces. In the same context, all the victories achieved throughout Sudan are seen as a refutation of the fact that this Sudanese state can only hold its disintegrated parts together thanks to our armed forces, their absolute and unconditional support. is a duty for everyone who has a compassionate heart for the homeland and an open mind to build it and establish the foundations of its glory.

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