(Haluf and his dogs) – A whale spine – ✍️ Yasser Muhammad Mahmoud Al-Bishr

* Yesterday I met one of the Rapid Support soldiers fleeing the battle of Al-Jazeera. It originates from central Sudan. I asked him the reason for his escape in these circumstances. He literally told me: I didn't join Rapid. Support to lead battles against the army. When I entered Rapid Support, I was looking for money and to participate in the war in Yemen and coming back with what was going to establish my country, I participated in the war in Yemen. This was worth 5% of the battles of Khartoum and Jazira. That's why I decided to flee the battlefield. When I asked him about the fate of their leader, Hemedti, he replied: “Hemedti died and was satisfied with death. . Abdul Rahim (Halouf and his dogs) have left us, and this is a popular proverb. This means they left a second leader and his cousins ​​to face their inevitable fate*.

*Through this tragedy we see that there are large groups of rapid support forces who have surrendered and surrendered to the armed forces because their combat doctrine is to obtain money by any means. This is the difference between the combat doctrine of the armed forces and the combat doctrine of the armed forces. the rapid support rebel militia if we take into account the surrender of a large number of rapid support troops in South Kordofan, Sennar, the White Nile, the Red Sea and Kassala, and that military intelligence treated them in accordance with the law, out of compassion for those who died in the ongoing fighting in Khartoum and Jazira, we conclude from this that Abdul Rahim became simply an ally, and not an empty team or a disbanded second-in-command, and that the rest of its soldiers are just “.griwats.” This is the view of some SDF soldiers towards their comrades and leaders, not the view of the Sudanese people. The Sudanese people have healed themselves until he says the name of the FDS*.

* What is now required of the elders of the Darfur States, especially the sons of the Rizeigat, is to address their sons who are fighting the armed forces with surrender and surrender in order to preserve and protect their lives, knowing that there are tens of thousands of young men dead and wounded like roses, in their prime and flowering years. Their natural place is the terraces of educational institutions. But they have become the fuel of this war and they are fighting for it. protect the Dagalo family and protect their empire that they built at the expense of the Sudanese people in general and the Rizeigat people in particular. Realize what is left of your sons, for they are on the brink of the edge of the grave. , and that it is better late than never.

*There is not the slightest public sympathy for the rebel militias, but it is possible to sympathize with those who want to surrender or surrender to find the blessing of security and safety, especially since the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces announced an amnesty for all those who surrender and are integrated into the Armed Forces, Aziz Makram, as for those who demand it, his fate will be that of those who died on the roads of the capital, Khartoum, and others. for whom the terrain was narrow as well as spacious, there are two options that have no third: either to surrender and lay down arms, or a miserable and implacable death, taking into account that the battles are coming to an end and that the victory of. the Sudanese Armed Forces have been revealed through living reality data*.

Half a fork

*Abdul Rahim himself has no choice but to listen to the voice of reason, and it is honorable for him to surrender or await the same fate that his brother and his soldiers are currently facing *.

A quarter of a fork

*Quick support (Balaa Delibaya is bigger than Umm Baarata) or as Hemedti said*.


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