Hate speech, racism and peaceful societal coexistence.. The Eastern Province – a model ✍️ Amir Daqal

There is no doubt that hate speech and racism have spread across all states of Sudan, particularly eastern Sudan, in recent years, leading some to call for federal rule, while Others went so far as to demand secession after feeling injustice and racism. inequality in the distribution of wealth and federal and state authority, in addition to marginalization in basic services and infrastructure despite the natural resources that the eastern region benefits from.

Despite all these historical injustices, some have the illusion that they distribute Sudanese citizenship certificates at will based on reasons (personal, regional or political).

The attack by Major General Maash, formerly of the Security and Intelligence Service, Badr al-Din… against the Beni Amer tribes last week on Sudanese radio is not the first attack and will not be the last on this societal component!

And maybe harmful and beneficial. This recent attack on Beni Amer showed how Eastern Sudanese society has recovered from internal conflicts between its different societal components through effective action. This was evident in the response to the attack on the so-called Badr al-Din. of all societal, political and religious components of the eastern region through declarations and visits. This is in addition to the statement from the Security and Intelligence Service in which it was clearly stated that this is personal behavior, since it is an off-duty retired brigade, in plus an apology from Sudanese radio and the sending of an official delegation to Kassala. for this purpose.

The history and contributions of Beni Amer to the Sudanese state do not need proof, because they have been devoted to the benefit of Sudanese historical documents and references, and before that on the ground, *the known is not not known.*

Wisdom demands that all of us, in this exceptional situation of the Sudanese state, have national cohesion and unity, but this of course does not mean that we neglect our rights and confront before the law anyone who dares to illegally attack our societies .

And the God of intention behind it.

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